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Letra Viva network of Christian publishers
meet in Bogotá

Representatives from the Letra Viva network of Christian publishers in Latin America meet in Bogotá for a continental training, networking and planning consultation

More than 30 delegates from across Latin America met together in Bogotá Colombia from 29 April to 5 May 2018 for an international consultation organised by Letra Viva. The network of publishing ministries has coordinated consultations, normally every two years, since its inception in 1997. As always, the aim was to address the key concerns of member publishers; provide training, especially in new technologies; and provide opportunities for publishers to work together to strengthen their own publishing ventures and so reach more people across the continent with books that are biblical and relevant.

Main sessions included ‘Financial planning for publishers’ with Ramon Rocha (MAI, Philippines), ‘Developing your team’ with David Pabón (CLC Colombia), ‘Developing relationships with your customers’ with Carlos David Galeano (CLC Colombia), ‘Using your brand to help people recognise and trust your books’ also with Carlos David, and ‘An update on print-on-demand technology and logistics’ by Luke Lewis (Langham).

Other sessions included a round table discussion on how publishers can handle the tension between the books they believe people should read, and the ones that people in practice buy!

Workshops covered a variety of subjects: encouraging new writers; the administration of the editorial process; accounting systems; managing inventory; the best ways to produce and aggregate e-books; and the promotion of reading.

One afternoon was spent in the enormous Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBO), with an overwhelming number of publishers and books on display. It was encouraging to visit stands presented by CLC and Desafío within the fair, and to consider how best to produce books for the huge reading public in this continent. Another afternoon highlight was a visit to the Buena Semilla print shop, including their new digital print facility.

All participants appreciated the morning devotional Bible readings and times of prayer and fellowship. Also the opportunity to share and laugh together with colleagues from other countries and contexts, but all united in a common cause, to produce books that transform lives for Christ.

Our sincere thanks go to so many who made this Consultation a great success: Karla Mora (Letra Viva), David Pabón and the team at CLC, all the speakers and workshop leaders, Andrés Muñóz and the Buena Semilla, John Maust and Ramon Rocha (MAI), SparkLit (Australia), Langham Partnership, plus the staff at the Hotel Bogotá Astral.

Letra Viva is a network of evangelical Christian publishers in Latin America which aim to produce books that are biblical, promote reading and study of the Bible, and which contribute to healthy church growth.

More information can be obtained from the Co-ordinator of the network:  Ian Darke