Leadership Journal Adds New Site on the Intersections of Ministry and Culture

Contact: Cory Whitehead

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Carol Stream, IL January 21, 2014Leadership Journal, a ministry of Christianity Today, has expanded its ministry to pastors and church leaders by launching PARSE, a sister site dedicated to the intersections of ministry and culture.

Formerly Out of Ur, one the most popular and influential ministry blogs in the world, the new PARSE site has been redesigned to reach an expanding audience. PARSE will provide church leaders with insight and analysis on ministry and culture from a Christian perspective, telling the stories that shape modern thought and life. Writers will engage technology, theology, the arts, ethics, evangelism, popular media, international justice, and church trends.

Two of the first posts include a balanced reflection on the role of conflict in the Christian conversation and a female pastor’s witty inner dialogue as she determines what to wear before she preaches.

Editor Paul Pastor explains the name PARSE, “Linguists and biblical exegetes understand the need to correctly “parse” language in order to understand and communicate meaning. We see a need to parse our culture like one would parse a language—with an eye for meaning, beauty, and significant trends for ministry.”

PARSE is dedicated to sharp, grounded dialogue with leaders that have spent their lives in ministry to the local church and will provide a high-level view of the cultural issues that impact those in ministry today.

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