Examines Faith, Ministry, Depression, Grief, and Loss, All Through the Hopeful Eyes of a Comedic Mennonite Actor.

Nashville, TN – Ted Swartz and his Ted & Co. TheaterWorks Company has spent the past 2 decades finding the humor and humanity in Scripture.  Now, with his engaging memoir LAUGHTER IS SACRED SPACE: the Not-So-Typical Journey of a Mennonite Actor, Swartz pairs laughter with lament in a gritty and honest survey of this journey, examining faith, ministry, and the loss of his best friend and comedic acting partner to suicide.

Growing up in a traditional Mennonite home in Eastern Pennsylvania, Ted tells the story of nearly failing out of seminary at the age of 30 only to discover his true calling as an actor and writer.  A different sort of theologian, Ted’s unique ability to find humor in biblical story has been a gift to thousands who have been touched by his ministry.  The book highlights many of his writings and sketches, including many from the Ted & Lee Company, guaranteed to entertain even the toughest reader.

In 2007, Ted’s ministry changed dramatically.  His best friend and 20-year creative collaborator and business partner Lee Eshleman lost his long battle with bi-polar disorder and depression, and tragically committed suicide.  Ted was challenged to deepen his exploration of comedy and acting, now seasoned with not only his own personal pain, but the fears and challenges of having to rebuild his business and ministry.

Ted Swartz - Laughter is Sacred SpaceIn Laughter is Sacred Space, Ted writes with an honest and open manner about how loss, anger and grief merge with restored faith, hope and comedy.  His engaging humor blends with his own stories of triumph and tragedy, and helps guide the reader to their own sense of purpose, and how they are shaped by the lives of those around them.

Ted Swartz and Ted & Co. Tour Dates:

4.12 – Toronto, ONT  (Peace, Pies and Prophets)

4.13 – Leamington, ONT (Peace, Pies and Prophets)

4.16 – Harrisonburg, VA (What’s So Funny About Money?)

4.21 – Blooming Glen, PA (Laughter is Sacred Space)

4.22 – Souderton, PA (Creating Safe and Healing Spaces)

4.27 – Gretna, MB (Laughter is Sacred Space)

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