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HOUSTON, TX —Mark Lanier, a top US trial lawyer, is most widely known for his courtroom battles with powerhouses such as Vioxx and Toyota. But he will tell you that being a trial lawyer is just his day job. On Saturday, August 2, he took time to focus his attention on his real passion as he spoke to a crowd at the Lanier Theological Library chapel about his new book Christianity on Trial: A Lawyer Examines the Christian Faith.

Lanier’s lifelong commitment to Christianity and his undergraduate education in biblical languages have nurtured his passion for developing his faith. In 2010, he founded the Lanier Theological Library, one of the nation’s largest private theological collections, which houses over seventy thousand books, biblical artifacts and museum-quality reproductions of ancient documents.

“Saturday’s event was the first time I have ever spoken at the Lanier Theological Library,” Lanier said, “and I was thrilled to hear the questions that people asked during the Q and A, showing that they are engaging with the book and exploring some of these key issues.”

Speaking to an overflow gathering, Lanier was introduced by Ken Starr, president and chancellor of Baylor University and former solicitor general of the United States. Musician and author John Michael Talbot began the evening with music, and Bob Fryling, publisher of InterVarsity Press, closed the program by thanking Lanier for his partnership with InterVarsity Press.

The evening concluded in the library with a reception and book signing lasting more than an hour. Fryling said, “It was a wonderful evening of celebrating an author, a book and a powerful expression of Christian faith full of grace and truth.”

In Christianity on Trial , Lanier presents a persuasive case for the Christian faith and leaves the verdict up to the readers—as the jury—to decide what is worthy of belief and what is not.

“This is an extraordinary trial lawyer’s version of  Mere Christianity,” said Starr. “In his inimitable fashion, Mark Lanier combines his superb expertise as a courtroom lawyer with profound knowledge of biblical scholarship and thoughtful reflection on daily life. Fearless in tackling the most difficult matters of belief, this engaging book speaks to all those interested in seeking truth—whether in the courtroom, in the library or in everyday life.”

Lanier said, “I wrote Christianity on Trial with the aim that readers would use the book to examine core questions of God and faith. I’m also honored that the kind people from InterVarsity Press took the time to attend the event. I’m grateful for their partnership in publishing Christianity on Trial. I hope that each copy of the book that is sold will encourage exploration of the Christian faith and lead to many fruitful and blessed conversations.”

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