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Korea Christian Book Service celebrates 25th Anniversary 

It has been 25 years since KCBS (Korea Christian Book Service) was established on May 1st, 1991 by Founder Paul Duck-Chun Kim (Chairman of the Board Mr. Man-Ho Im, Board Members Young-Tak Moon, Sam-Ji Chung, and Sung-Jin Lee) with the support from an English missions work organization, founded by Pastor John R. W. Stott, called Evangelical Literature Trust (now Langham Literature), in order to serve the Korean churches and schools by supplying the much needed books for Theological and Biblical studies at an affordable price.

During this period, KCBS has contributed to the advancement of Theological studies in Korea by supplying over one million books, and rMaeng2 (formerly KCBS Literary Agency, as the licensing division of KCBS) has established itself as the premier Christianity-specializing copyright licensing agency and established over 6000 copyright contracts and contributed to the spread of quality Christian books throughout Korea in Korean language.

Through the years, KCBS has had changes in leadership (Founder Paul Duck-Chun Kim (1991-2000), Hosung Maeng (2000-2007) as the second president, Myung-Ho Kim (2007-2015) as the third board chairman, and the current president Kunhee Kim), but it did not waver from keeping the original goal of serving the Korean churches and theological schools as a Christian literary missions service organization.
Currently, KCBS ( imports Christian/Theological books from about 200 publishers, wholesale distributors, and bookstores in about ten countries and supplies them to about 40 libraries and Christian organizations, Godpeople and Duranno, and many other online and offline bookstores throughout Korea. KCBS also owns and operates an offline bookstore, La Bible (

rMaeng2 (President Jin-Sil Kim, Director Hosung Maeng; was separated from KCBS in 2007 and has been specializing in Christian literature licensing. Since its very first license deal in 1992, rMaeng2 has been steadily and strongly carrying on the tradition of Christian literature specializing copyright agency. As it celebrates the 25th year anniversary, rMaeng2 plans to broaden its business through rMaenge, an ebook publishing company.