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Kirkdale Press to release book with Elyse Fitzpatrick
and Eric Schumacher on gender roles

‘Jesus and Gender’ Encourages Us to Rethink ‘Biblical’ Womanhood and Manhood in Light of Jesus

Co-Authors Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher Share One Vision for Loving One Another as Sisters and Brothers in Christ

BELLINGHAM, Wash., March 2, 2022 To help Christian men and women explore what it looks like to define and live out gender biblically, Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher have co-authored “Jesus and Gender,” releasing April 6 from Kirkdale Press, an imprint of Lexham Press.

Taking a unique approach to the oft-written-about topic, “Jesus and Gender” reminds individuals that God created men and women not to compete for glory but to cooperate for His glory. Readers are invited to explore how we view ourselves and how we relate to one another through a distinctly gospel-focused lens.

“Much of the teaching on gender in the church is devoid of the gospel and is therefore soul-crushing and conflict-producing,” writes Fitzpatrick. “Our ultimate example is Jesus, our humble King, who used His power to serve others. We must rethink our identities, roles and relationships around Him. Men and women are meant to be allies in God’s mission.”

Drawing from Scripture and experience, Fitzpatrick and Schumacher show how Jesus’s example speaks to all areas of our lives as men and women, including vocation, marriage, parenting, friendships and relating to each other as sisters and brothers in Christ.

The book also includes a chapter of personal testimonies from other Christian leaders―including Christine Caine, A21 Founder, Writer and Speaker; Brian Croft, former Senior Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church and Executive Director of Practical Shepherding; and Karen Swallow Prior, Author and Research Professor of English and Christianity and Culture―who have chosen the life of self-sacrifice and ministry.

“Undoubtedly the virtues of ‘biblical manhood’ can be illustrated with the life of Jesus,” shares Schumacher. “But, just as quickly, the virtues of ‘biblical womanhood’ can be as well. Beyond a few scattered verses, why did the New Testament have almost nothing to say about male discipleship versus female discipleship? Putting on Christ and bearing the fruit of the Spirit didn’t come with male and female icons.”

Readers of “Jesus and Gender” will be encouraged and emboldened to recognize the freedom women and men have in Christ to love each other as family as we stand shoulder to shoulder as allies in Christ.

Dr. Paul David Tripp, pastor, speaker and best-selling author, provided the foreword for the book. “There is evidence in us and all around us that when it comes to our lives together as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, there remains a huge and pressing need for God’s restorative deconstructing and reconstructing work,” he writes. “I found ‘Jesus and Gender’ to be deeply convicting and encouraging at the same time. I experienced the pain of having some of my walls torn down and experienced the joy of restorative mercy. I invite you to humbly open your heart and read the book with willingness and joy.”

In addition to the book releasing April 6, Fitzpatrick and Schumacher have partnered with Kirkdale Press to create a companion video series to introduce each chapter and share personal stories that supplement the teachings.

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About Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
Elyse M. Fitzpatrick is a bestselling author, national speaker and ministry leader. She is director of Counsel from the Cross Ministries and author of over 25 books, including “Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus” and “Found in Him: The Joy of the Incarnation and Our Union with Christ.” She also is co-author, with Eric Schumacher, of “Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women.” She earned a M.A. in biblical counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary and has been married for more than 40 years.

About Eric Schumacher
Eric Schumacher is associate pastor of Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Ames, Iowa, and co-author, with Elyse Fitzpatrick, of “Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women.” He earned his M.Div. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been married for over 20 years.

About Kirkdale Press
Kirkdale Press publishes books that will strengthen relationships between God and his people, increase biblical literacy within the church, and put the Word into action in the lives of everyday Christians. For more information, visit

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