Each Christmas season, many families gather around an Advent calendar. Whether the calendars have tiny toys in each day’s window or cubby, or are crafted entirely of chocolate, or even beautifully illustrated books… advent calendars have long been a beloved part of Christian family traditions across the country.

The “One Night” calendar sought to elevate that tradition with a true heirloom: a stunning work of art featuring vivid illustrations and rich narration. One Night tells the Christmas story from the book of Luke in twenty-four elegant pieces, each one more riveting than the last, even if you know the Scriptures well.

The One Night team worked on project development for three years and when it came time to launch a crowdfunding campaign, they chose FrontGate to work with them to promote their Kickstarter campaign to raise the funding and support needed to bring this new classic to life. A black and white prototype is pictured above.

We created and executed a successful promotional plan for their Kickstarter campaign to secure the needed funding as well as to spread the word about the project.

The target audience was Christian families or couples who would utilize this unique calendar for years to come, as well as share it with their friends.  After considering many different options across the marketing spectrum including various publicity, social marketing, and advertising tactics, based on their campaign resources, we selected 3 key marketing tactics in order to reach the maximum amount of the right people.

Campaign Details: 

– Facebook Ad Campaign

Having been one of the first, if not the very first Christian marketing agency to provide Social Marketing services which we debuted in 2007 just a year after Twitter went live and 3 years after the appearance of “The Facebook”, our Social Marketing Division continues to be very busy these days. Almost always good for a solid ROI, the biggest challenge we faced here was a very short campaign window due to the length of the Kickstarter campaign.

Our Facebook/Instagram campaign included several ad variations targeted at different subgroups of Christians.

Total Reach: 96,943 People
Impressions: 148,876 Total
Clicks – 7,144

– GOD TV Partnership

As one of the preeminent Christian Television Networks, GOD TV’s digital assets were of great benefit. The web site featured well-positioned ADVERTORIAL along with EMAIL NEWSLETTER coverage and advertising, and PRE-ROLL VIDEO plays ahead of GOD TV digital video content.  The calendar’s brand association with the very established GOD TV brand generated immediate trust and interest from the GOD TV online audience.


Total reach/views: 287,000
Total Clicks: 3933
Advertorial Clicks:
Advertorial 1: 443 total / 357 unique
Advertorial 2: 305 total / 278 unique
Email Newsletter Ad: Recipients: 136,000
137 total clicks / 131 unique
Pre-roll Ad Impressions:  2186

FrontGate Influencer Gropu– FrontGate’s Influencers and Bloggers:

The largest total exposure came from FrontGate’s own proprietary resources:  our Christian Women’s Blogger Network and our Christian Influencers Group.  The Blogger Network was run on a very limited basis due to the small number of prototypes that could be delivered to the bloggers for review.  It provided a combination of reviews, social posts, and a small contest giveaway.  Key influencers from our Christian Influencer group were brought in to lend their support and endorsement through additional social posts.

Impressions: 731, 580
Email leads: 241

FrontGate Blogger NetworkSUCCESS!

Our very targeted campaign helped them reach their $12,200 Kickstarter goal and earned many email leads for the release of the actual Advent Calendar. You can view the completed Kickstarter Campaign HERE!


One of FrontGate’s biggest strengths is creating curated, customized, strategic marketing plans to reach the Christian audience.  Whether it’s a Kickstarter campaign or more traditional advertising, we are here to answer your questions and guide you to the plan that will best suit your needs. Our clients are all varied and have different needs, so we believe in tailoring each marketing strategy to each client’s unique situation. Please contact us today.