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Kerusso Collective partners with Dr. Ralph West to release Logos Preaching Workflow

Faithlife’s Kerusso Collective has partnered with Dr. Ralph Douglas West, senior pastor of The Church Without Walls, to release its first official feature in its to ensure the inclusivity of African American content and tools in Logos Bible Software so that all ethnic groups can appreciate, grow, and learn from the rich history and scholarship of the Black voice. I wanted to let you know the Kerusso Collective.

The Dr. Ralph West Preaching Workflow gives clear, step-by-step instructions to help pastors with sermon prep or Bible study. The workflow is free for Logos users and is adapted from “Weaving the Textual Web” by Dr. West, which is included in the book Power in the Pulpit: How America’s Most Effective Black Preachers Prepare Their Sermons, edited by Cleophus J. LaRue (Westminster John Knox, 2002).

“I have been preaching for 45-plus years. During my thousands of hours of sermon prep, I have developed a homiletic process called ‘Weaving the Textual Web’ that has served me well in the pulpit. What a blessing it is to work with the Kerusso Collective to make my exegetical method for studying and preaching part of the tools in Logos Bible Software. Download the workflow, type the text you’re preaching, follow the steps I’ve developed, and preach with confidence!” said Dr. West.

The Kerusso Collective was announced in November 2020 and includes a select group of respected Black faith leaders and scholars who will lead the intentional integration and assimilation of Black voices and representation into Logos.

More details about the Kerusso Collective and the Dr. Ralph West Preaching Workflow can be found at

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