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Join the world’s largest Bible smuggling network through
The Voice of the Martyrs’ new product line

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. – The largest Bible smuggling network in the world is headquartered in Bartlesville, Okla., home to the offices of The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM). Each year, VOM delivers more than one million Bibles into nations where the Word of God is restricted or entirely illegal. Through their new Bible Smuggler product line, which includes a t-shirt, hat and wristband, VOM provides Christian retail customers an opportunity to participate in this global Bible smuggling initiative.

Each product – t-shirt, hat or wristband – purchased from this new line provides VOM’s distribution teams with the financial resources needed to deliver one Bible to a Christian living in a hostile or restricted nation. These teams deliver Bibles at great personal risk to the most dangerous mission fields in the world.

“At VOM, we believe that placing a Bible into the hands of every Christian believer is a task the global body of Christ can accomplish in this generation,” said Todd Nettleton, host of VOM Radio. “Though many nations try to restrict access to God’s Word, we’re finding innovative ways to ensure Christians living in these countries can receive their own Bible. Through these products, every American Christian can be part of this vitally important work.”

Examples of Bible smuggling include:


In 2014, ISIS invaded Mosul and surrounding areas of the Nineveh Plains that had been home to generations of Iraqi Christians, and the Islamists systematically burned churches and Bibles. VOM provided new Bibles to replace those destroyed and provide additional Bibles to Iraqi Christians.


If caught with a Bible, North Korean Christian believers could be sent to a labor camp, or worse. VOM workers launch balloons filled with print Bibles and smuggle digital Bibles into the country through highly-covert operations.


In 2018, the government banned the online sale of Bibles, an additional obstacle in a country where printed Bibles were already difficult to obtain. The Communist Party is also working on a new Bible translation intended to inject “Chinese values” into Scripture. VOM workers distribute Bibles to underground churches in every province of China.


As the government tightens its control of religious life in Cuba, Christians there fear it will become more difficult to get Bibles. Over the years, VOM has used a variety of ways to bring Bibles into Cuba, including by boat, hand-carrying individual copies and through government-approved shipments.

Through many covert operations like these, VOM continues the legacy of its founder, Richard Wurmbrand, who famously said, “I would not believe in a Bible if it would not be worth it to smuggle it in everywhere even at the greatest risk, and if it would not be worth it to sit ten days and nights alone in the cold in order to be able to read its wonderful pages.”

Learn more about this global Bible smuggling network at, and pray for those who risk everything for the opportunity to receive and read illegal copies of the Bible.

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