ECPA's Rush To PressJoin the conversation that’s changing the industry: register now for BISG’s Executive Lunch on digital subscription

You may have read media articles about subscription models featuring the next Netflix for books or analyzing which publshers have made their titles available through subscription services. You might have read about—or even all of—BISG’s study Digital Books and the New Subscription Economy. You may have attended conferences on the subject. You probably have a working knowledge of the issues and possibilities of digital subscription for agents, authors, publishers, retailers, libraries, and others in the publishing value chain.


But for a deeper dive, there’s no better forum than BISG’s upcoming Executive Lunch, Digital Subscription and Publishing Models, on October 23 in New York City.


You’ll get immediate feedback to your questions through discussion with your industry peers to get at the heart of a problem, and more importantly, to learn from each other. Attendance is capped at twenty-five to allow for an open, constructive exchange of ideas in an intimate and collegial environment.

You’ll be presented with a wealth of data on subscription models.


You’ll hear from:

  • Jonathan Stolper, Nielsen Book Americas Vice President of Client Services, on what publishers can learn from subscriber trends across a range of other media industries
  • Nadine Vassallo, BISG Project Manager for Research and Information, with insights and analytics from BISG’s study Digital Books and the New Subscription Economy.
  • Andrew Weinstein, Scribd Vice President of Content Acquistion, on what Scribd’s user data reveals about subscriber behavior and audience development
  • Over the lunch that follows, you’ll discuss how you see subscription evolving; your concerns about jumping in; where you see opportunities; and how the industry can collaborate to make subscription selling more efficient and more profitable.


You can register by clicking here.


As a non-profit, BISG charges for events to cover our costs and to support the important work of our volunteer committees, including the many publications we make freely available to the industry as part of our mission of facilitating innovation and shared solutions to benefit the entire value chain. Our goal is to make publishing and selling books better.


While space is limited, please share this email with others in your organization if you think they will benefit from attending this event.  Please email with questions.