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Joby Martin, pastor of Church of Eleven 22 pens his first book, IF THE TOMB IS EMPTY!

In his first book, Joby Martin, pastor of Church of Eleven22, one of the fastest growing churches in the country, dives deep into scripture and traces the story of salvation by highlighting the seven mountains throughout scripture where God manifests himself.

The Son of God was crucified, died and buried. Doornail dead. He lay in the tomb for three days. Until God the Father, through the Spirit, raised Him to life and He walked out shining like the sun. The Son of God lives and reigns, right this second. In a culture in which history is erased or rewritten at will, the existence of an empty tomb matters. Why?

Because if the tomb is empty – then anything is possible.

As he describes each encounter with God, Martin shows us how the interaction on each mountain laid the groundwork for the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary, and shows what God revealed about Himself in the process. He illuminates even familiar passages, unveiling how God’s plan for Christ’s sacrifice is threaded throughout scripture, and shows why Christ’s resurrection—impossible, unbelievable—means that nothing is too hard for our God.  Ultimately, he asks readers, Do you live every day of your life as if the tomb is empty…or as though Jesus is still hanging on that cross?

Written with New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin—a member and elder of Joby’s church—If the Tomb is Empty is an insightful and spiritually rich yet accessible examination of what the miracle of Christ’s resurrection means for all of us.

ISBN: 9781546001508