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Brittany Maher and Cassandra Speer on Jesus Calling Podcast

Brittany Maher was hollowed out and disenchanted with the beauty industry after putting years of hard work and basing her self-worth on her career. Out of desperation and seeking real community with other women who were looking for answers beyond a shallower existence, she began an Instagram page called Her True Worth. After a serendipitous meeting with Cassandra Speer on Instagram, they teamed together to reach over 1.5 million women worldwide with a message about how they all could find their true worth in God. They recently joined The Jesus Calling Podcast to share about their new book, “Her True Worth,” available from Thomas Nelson.


Chris & Nik Nikic on Jesus Calling Podcast

Nik Nikic and his son Chris recently joined The Jesus Calling Podcast to share how Chris became the first person with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman, a series of long-distance triathlon races, which brought Chris and his Dad to international attention, and inspired thousands to believe they were made for more than what others told them they could do or be. The Nikics’ new book, “1% Better,” is available from Thomas Nelson.