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Harold & Rachel Earls on Jesus Calling Podcast: Pursuing a Higher Calling

WaterBrook authors and former Army Captain Harold Earls and his wife Rachel recently joined the Jesus Calling Podcast to share how they know all about sacrifice—from a national perspective to a personal one. Early in their marriage, Harold felt called to climb Mt. Everest in support of veteran PTSD and suicide awareness, and in doing so, it terrified Rachel that she’d lose her husband before they could ever start a life together. By turning to God as reassurance that everything would be okay, they made it through the tumultuous climb. Then, as a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia, Harold went into each day honoring the men and women who gave all for us and relied on his devotional ritual to help keep his mind on God’s purpose for his life. The Earls’ book, “A Higher Calling,” is available from WaterBrook.



Ruth & Patrick Schwenk on Jesus Calling Podcast: God will meet you in the middle of your storm

Ministry leaders and authors Ruth & Patrick Schwenk recently joined the Jesus Calling Podcast to share how they went through a ten-year period in which they had nine pregnancies—five of which sadly ended in miscarriage. After having four healthy children and relocating to Ann Arbor, Michigan to launch a new church and fulfill their calling as leaders, Patrick was suddenly diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, and it sent their family into a tailspin once again. Clinging to God, the Schwenks found a way to cope and survive, trusting in the strength of Jesus to get them through. The Schwenk’s book, “In A Boat In the Middle of a Lake,” is available from Thomas Nelson.