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Dr. Elizabeth Stevens appears on Jesus Calling Podcast

Dr. Elizabeth Stevens recently joined The Jesus Calling Podcast to share how she had dreams of joining the Air Force and becoming a psychiatrist, responding to the spark in her heart which told her she could help people in this way. Faced with deeply difficult events and setbacks to her health, she questioned if God had abandoned her when she truly just wanted to live for Him. Dr. Stevens’ book, “Unshackled,” is available from Focus on the Family Publishing.


Dream Home authors Daniel & Noell Jett on Jesus Calling Podcast

Daniel and Noell Jett recently joined The Jesus Calling Podcast to share their mutual desire of building their dream home together. Proving to be more difficult than they expected, they share how God showed them that it wasn’t about having their dream home, but enjoying the journey as a family together—no matter where they laid their heads at night. The Jetts’ book, “Create Your Dream Home on a Budget,” is available from Thomas Nelson.