IXIST Tour Launched to Share Music and Testimony Throughout U.S. and Africa

The Best Talent in Urban Christian Music Unite to Create a Concert Tour Where Attendees Share in the Story


Nashville, TN –Three of the faith-based market’s leading companies have joined together to announce the IXIST Tour: urban music label Xist Music, the formidable artist & booking agency Elite Talent Agency, and top Christian media & events group, FrontGate Media. The tour comes as Christian hip-hop and urban music is exploding, evidenced most recently by last week’s Billboard charts milestone: TobyMac’s “Eye On It” debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.


IXIST is more than a concert tour.  It is a ministry campaign dedicated to helping people share their testimony.  The IXIST team believes that God has blessed us all with a purpose, and that purpose has taken us all on a journey of different paths, struggles and victories.  Throughout all our life experiences we have made many choices, some good and some bad, but as children of the Most High, we have all come to common ground, that is, we are all here because of His grace.  


The IXIST tour will allow concert attendees to tell their story at each venue.  Each night, one local market testimonial will be chosen and posted from an ongoing international YouTube campaign, created to inspire others to share their story and consider the work that God is doing through their lives.


Coming this Winter 2013, the IXIST TOUR will kick off in late February, routing across the U.S. through March and then on to Africa, where the tour will travel to six countries. The tour will include IXIST Media Sessions featuring on-site interviews at each location; afternoon IXIST In-Stores in select cities, and of course the IXIST Concert each night. 


This year’s IXIST TOUR features the Xist Music roster of leading Urban Christian artists & their ministries, anchored by the Billboard and SoundScan best-selling artists The Ambassador and Sean Simmonds.  Supporting artists for the tour include Yaves, D-MAUB, UK based artist Jahaziel, and Nate “NF” Feuerstein.


Artist information and promotional options are available online in the IXIST Tour Media Kit on the Media Kits channel at FrontGateMedia.com. To book sponsorship, contact Carla Myers at FrontGate Media at 949-528-3406 or online at http://www.FrontGateMedia.com.


The IXIST TOUR is being routed and booked by ELITE Talent Agency. Dates will be announced in the near future.  To book a tour date, contact Jamie Warden at ELITE Talent Agency at 615-983-6600 or online at http://www.eta-live.com.


About Elite Talent Agency
Elite Talent Agency was founded by music industry veteran Mark Claassen (William Morris Agency.)  Elite is unique in that we are able to be a full-service agency, focused on more than booking concerts, we have strategic partnerships with agents in the film/TV, literary, commercial/sponsorship areas. Elite also has an in-house tour marketing agent that walks alongside every tour buyer to maximize each individual show’s potential. http://www.eta-live.com.


About Xist Music
Xist Music is the recording label of Xist Worldwide, which produces innovative projects from our award-winning artists, who are leaders in the inspirational urban music industry. Xist Worldwide was founded by Terverius Black and Sean Simmonds to become the leading producer of inspirational urban entertainment, lifestyle and media content. With properties in music, film, publishing and other lifestyle projects, Xist Worldwide acquires, produces, markets and distributes inspirational urban content.  http://www.xistmusic.com.


About FrontGate Media
FrontGate Media is the largest internet & event media group and marketing service reaching the culture-engaged faith and family values audience which represents $4.6 billion worth of Christian products purchased by consumers annually according to “USA Today.” The firm has received the Crystal Statue in the Internet Advertising Competition from the Web Marketing Association. The FrontGate Media group creates relationship and reach for organizations and companies to engage their more than 15 million email subscribers, 25 million monthly page views, and 600,000+ attendees at annual events, and though its Audience Delivery Services which include social media, public relations and pay per click marketing. The media group is #1 in reach to several consumer and leadership demographics in the faith and family values audience including event attendees, entertainment fans, music fans, church musicians and worship leaders, and political conservatives. FrontGate plays a key role in the success of faith-based, faith-friendly and family-friendly movie studios, non-profit organizations, publishers and authors, record labels and artists and more seeking to engage the Christian audience. http://www.FrontGateMedia.com.


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For more information on the IXIST Tour and its partners, please contact…

Lori Lenz-Heiselman – FrontGate Media