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IVP offers free Ebooks as part of Resources for Faithful Justice

WESTMONT, IL— In an effort to educate and contribute to the discussions, and ultimately the change in our culture, InterVarsity Press has announced that from June 8 through June 12 they will be offering each person one free ebook with a one-time use promo code. The complete list of free titles and the promo code are available at the new web page, Resources for Faithful Justice. IVP has also committed to continue paying the full royalties to the authors of these important books.

“The age-old adage that ‘Ideas matter’ is true. Wise and prophetic responses to systemic and enduring injustice also matters,” Jeff Crosby, IVP publisher, said. “Books are one important way to set forth ideas, to call for change, and to guide change in the way of wisdom. I am thankful for the opportunity to partner with the authors whose books are a part of this campaign, and we affirm our corporate commitment that all authors will receive 100 percent of their contractual royalties even as we make the resources available in ebook format at no charge to readers. I join with my IVP colleagues in praying that they will be read, and that they will shed light on our paths in this present moment.” 

The topics for the free ebooks include diversity in the church, racial trauma, soul care, activism, the history of race in the United States and in the church and more.

The Resources for Faithful Justice page says, “IVP is grateful for the prophetic voices of our authors who share their stories, educate us when we are ignorant, and challenge us with the truth. Learn from these books as we pursue justice, wholeness, and racial righteousness in our homes, churches, and communities.”

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