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IVP Issues Statement About Peter O’Brien Plagiarism Issue

Krista Clayton | 630.734.4013 |

WESTMONT, IL—Following the August announcement by William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. regarding plagiarism in two Pillar New Testament Commentaries written by Peter O’Brien, a careful investigation was undertaken of Dr. O’Brien’s two volumes in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series published by InterVarsity Press (USA). It is with sadness that we report that both God Has Spoken in His Son (2016) and Salvation to the Ends of the Earth (2001, co-authored with Andreas Kostenberger) were discovered to have the same problems regarding the use and proper documentation of secondary sources.

The originating publisher and investigator, Inter-Varsity Press (UK), has clearly stated that “the chapters in Salvation to the Ends of the Earth that were reviewed and found to have issues were those written by Peter O’Brien. The chapters by co-author Andreas Kostenberger are not under question.”

We do not believe Dr. O’Brien intended to misuse secondary sources. And yet his research and writing practices have rendered clear instances of plagiarism. In the interest of maintaining high standards in writing, publishing, and business, InterVarsity Press is withdrawing both NSBT volumes from sale and shredding our remaining stock.

Any trade account or individual who wishes to return copies of these titles may do so through December 31, 2016 for full credit. Please contact us at 1-800-843-9487 or with any questions.

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