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IVP builds community through #ReadTogether and Together at Home webpage

WESTMONT, IL—As everyone sets out to physically distance from one another, IVP is working to bring people together with #ReadTogether and Together at Home, two online tools to stay hopeful in community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Together at Home webpage brings together articles, podcast interviews, books, free webinars, study guides and excerpts, and other resources to build community, foster spiritual growth, and alleviate fears and anxiety.

“How does one maintain hope in the midst of a pandemic? How do we remain in community with others when we are all sheltering in our homes? These are critical questions to ask ourselves as we continue to modify the rhythms of our work and play amid the fears and uncertainties we face for the benefit of our own health and the health of the most vulnerable,” Jeff Crosby, publisher, said. “At InterVarsity Press, we have come together to create a page of resources that help you to remain hopeful, remain connected to others, and utilize time in wise and fruitful ways. May the resources curated there be an encouragement to you as they were to me.”

Together at Home resources are broken down into these sections.

  • Build a New Kind of Community: Ways to build intentional community from the safety of our own homes.
  • Commit to Reading Your Bible like Never Before: This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your daily devotionals with increased focus and time. Use these resources for deeper Bible study.
  • Get Creative with Your Kids: Ideas for supporting the academic, emotional, and spiritual needs of your children.
  • Invest in Your Mental Health: The loss of physical community and regular social spaces can greatly affect our mental health. It’s important to be proactive about the possibilities of depression, anxiety, and isolation within our own spirits and for those in our community. View our book recommendations for those feeling anxious.
  • Try a New Spiritual Practice: Add to your toolkit of spiritual disciplines and try some new ones to help you grow closer to God in these unprecedented times.
  • Equip Your Church for Refreshed Discipleship: The church has an unprecedented opportunity to provide hope, teaching, and community during this time. We want to equip local congregations and ministry teams with the resources they need to do just that.

In addition to this page of resources the #ReadTogether Book List allows people to read in community and keep their minds and souls fed and engaged during this time. This resource includes a special discount, a free Bible study ebook, and free US shipping.

The Together at Home webpage says, “We’re all facing disruption right now. Coronavirus and COVID-19 have radically altered our daily lives, and we’re doing our best to be flexible as we adjust to a new normal. But amid anxiety and disorientation, one thing is certain—we’re coming together even as we practice social distancing, whether it’s in virtual spaces, in our homes, or as a world community. Christian community is just as important now as ever, so use these tips and resources to stay hopeful while we’re together at home.”

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