If you have ever hosted an event or concert that required ticketing, you know that it can be challenging to offer VIP or special tickets, while still maintaining regular ticket sales. iTickets has made this process much more simple, unveiling a very useful feature: password protected ticket options. When a customer logs in to purchase a ticket, they can enter a password and it will reveal different ticket options than without the password. This is particularly useful for unique groups like fan clubs, family members, or sponsors who are purchasing large amounts of tickets. A password also adds to the exclusivity of an offer, in addition to making it more secure. This feature is also ideal for customers to add upgrades, or for an event promoter to offer hidden discounted tickets.

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iTickets suggested in a recent email to use it for the following groups: 

  • Fan Clubs
  • Host Church Members
  • Family of Performing Arts Cast
  • Sponsors
  • Volunteers
  • …and more!