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Are you an author or publisher looking to get your book in front of eager readers? Look no further!’s Book of the Week program is here to help you showcase your book to a dedicated community of Christian book enthusiasts. With a reach of over 30,000 subscribers, 46,000 social media followers, a sample chapter download, and a direct link to your BUY page, this exclusive promotion could be the promotion your book needs.

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Why Choose Book of the Week?

1. Affordable and Effective

For only $995, you can access an engaged community of readers and maximize your book’s exposure. It’s a cost-effective way to showcase your work to a broad audience, making it accessible to well-established authors and newcomers in the Christian publishing world.

2. Links directly to your BUY page!

With’s Book of the Week, you not only get to showcase your book to our dedicated community but also drive potential readers straight to your book’s purchase page. This direct link ensures a seamless and convenient experience for those eager to explore and buy your work, enhancing your book’s accessibility and potential for increased sales.

3. Sample Chapter Download

The Book of the Week package includes a sample chapter download sent to our network of over 30,000 subscribers. This is your opportunity to pique readers’ curiosity and draw them into your book’s unique narrative, characters, and world. A well-crafted sample can lead to more sales and loyal fans.

4. Last Chance Reminder Email

We understand that life can get busy, and readers might miss the initial announcement. That’s why we send a “Last Chance to Download” reminder email to the same 30,000 subscribers. This gentle nudge encourages them to grab your book before it’s too late, creating a sense of urgency that can drive immediate action.

5. Organic Facebook & Instagram Posts

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful tool for book promotion. We will feature your book on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we have a combined following of 46,000 engaged book enthusiasts. Our carefully crafted posts will highlight your book’s cover, share compelling snippets, and create buzz around your work. These organic posts can lead to likes, shares, and comments, further extending your book’s reach.

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Don’t let your book languish in obscurity. Make the most of your hard work by choosing’s Book of the Week. This program is designed to connect authors and publishers with a passionate and engaged audience eager to discover new reads.

Give your book the attention it deserves. For just $995, you’ll receive an email to our 30,000 Book of the Week subscribers, your BUY link, a sample chapter download, a last-chance reminder email to 30,000 subscribers, and organic Facebook and Instagram posts to our 46,000 followers.

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