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Israel Institute of Biblical Studies Launches Gray Label Program
to Help Churches, Ministries & Schools Complete
Their Mission While Increasing Funding for Their Ministry.

IIBS Offers Dynamic Live Interactive Online Biblical Hebrew, Greek,
and Aramaic Classes, Now Branded for Individual Ministries and Churches

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Orange County, CA – Israel Institute of Biblical Studies (IIBS) is announcing the ability for any church, ministry, school or other organization to engage their members to gain deeper spiritual insight by studying the Bible in the original Hebrew, Greek and/or Aramaic.  Through their new Gray Label program, Israel Institute of Biblical Studies will create a Biblical Studies portal for the church, ministry, school or organization “powered by Israel Institute of Biblical Studies” to provide their live online teachers and classes.  Approved by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Israel Institute delivers the convenience of studying the Bible at a deeply rewarding level in a live classroom setting with fellow students from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Classes are a partnership with eTeacher, the leader in international virtual language instruction.

Through the Gray Label Program, any faith-based organization can further complete their mission to deepen their members’ understanding of Scripture while, at the same time, helping to raise funding for their ministry

“The beauty of the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies’ program is that churches and ministries can actively help their people find a deeper passion for and understanding of the Bible by reading it in the original languages a taught by world-class scholars direct from Jerusalem, all while the organization is receiving a stipend for each participant in the program.  Students receive incredible instruction and the sending ministries receive funding in the process. It’s a win-win.” shares Jonathan Lipnick, Dean of Holy Land Studies.

Churches and ministries benefit when their communities get passionate about Scripture.  This program offers classes in the Biblical languages of Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic as well as courses in general Jewish Studies.  Students quickly have the ability to read ancient texts as they were written, allowing for a new level of discovery and understanding of scripture.  Tens of thousands of students have already completed the program, finding a new love for the Bible by exploring the original scriptures and unlocking hidden secrets in the biblical stories they love. Due to the cohort model, students also are challenged and encouraged through the work of their classmates as well.

“We have been encouraged by countless stories of how students have discovered a new love and understanding for their faith by being immersed in the language and culture of the Bible,” explains Boaz Binnun, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of eTeacher.  “The Gray Label program takes that a step further, allowing organizations to raise much-needed funds while engaging and empowering their audience at a new level of love for Scripture.”

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About Israel Institute of Biblical Studies
The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies aims to make the Bible accessible to people around the world. Through Biblical study and language courses, students connect with teachers in the Holy Land to learn the original languages of the Old and New Testaments. This allows them to interpret the holy texts themselves while discovering the ancient land of the Bible where the stories took place. The Israel Institute of Bible Studies has partnered with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the leading academic institute in Israel and one of the leading Biblical research institutes in the world with a long and proud history of scholarly excellence and leadership in Biblical languages and studies.