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Is Direct Email Marketing Dead?

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Greetings Marketer!

Did you hear that email marketing is dead?

We didn’t either. In fact, 29% of marketers rate email marketing as the most effective marketing channel over Social Media, Pay-Per-Click ads, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing. The more the Christian audience knows you, likes you, and trusts you, the more likely they are to purchase your product, donate to your cause, or use your service.

Read on to learn the benefits of Direct Email and tips for successfully using Email Marketing campaigns to engage the Christian audience.

3 Tips & 3 Benefits of Direct Email Marketing

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Case Study: Cause Marketing
Social Content Campaign

FrontGate Media was hired to help promote World Emunah’s organization and mission on Instagram and Facebook as part of a complete marketing campaign, including social content, blog writing, newsletter creation, and paid ads.

Overall, engagement increased 22% from the previous month and 200% from July 2020. Learn more about the campaign strategy and how you can get these results too!

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Christian Email Lists, Christian Email Marketing

Featured Opportunity: Direct Email Campaigns

FrontGate’s Direct Email lists reach more than 20 million Christian subscribers, including consumers, proven donors, and church leaders. If you’re looking to reach and engage the Faith and Family audience via email, we have many lists you can use:

  • The Washington Times
  • NewReleaseToday
  • Israel365 Media 
  • Prophecy News Watch
  • Worship Musician
  • Many, Many More!

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