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Iron Stream Media launches podcast
to further its mission

Iron Stream Media is excited to announce the Iron Stream Media Podcast. Hosted by John Herring and Will Shingleton, the podcast features compelling conversations with Iron Stream Media authors.

The inaugural episode features Randy Hemphill, the author of the newly released The Restored Man. Sharing personal brokenness and hope in the process of restoration for men’s hearts, Randy engages and inspires men to take a deeper look at relationships, marriage, and the freedom that comes from allowing God to be the only One who defines and fills us in order to love others well.

Bradley Isbell, director of operations for Iron Stream Media, remarked, “We are excited about this opportunity for our authors to connect with their current audience and reach new audiences with their message.”

Season one includes conversations with foster care expert and advocate Dr. John DeGarmo, who offers practical insights and ways to get involved with foster care; sportswriter Del Duduit, who discusses many of the personal interviews he conducted with Major League Baseball players whose faith testimonies fill his devotional hit Dugout Devotions; prayer expert Jennifer Kennedy Dean, whose multitude of resources serve countless congregations, small groups, and individuals; and first-time author Rachael Dymski, author of Anxiety Interrupted.

“We make all of our company decisions based on our mission—make disciples as you go. We see the podcast as another avenue toward that mission. Not everyone is a reader—we may draw in a whole new audience with the opportunity to hear stories directly from our authors,” commented John Herring, Iron Stream Media CEO.

The Iron Stream Media podcast can be found on all podcast providers.