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Iron Stream Media expands market reach through acquisition

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas to Join the Iron Stream Media Team

(BIRMINGHAM, Ala.)—Iron Stream Media announced today the acquisition of LPC Books, doing business as Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, which is a traditional, royalty-paying publisher established in 2007. Details concerning the September 1 acquisition were not released, but initial plans indicate Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas will continue to operate under their existing brand and model.

“When God called my ministry partner Cindy Sproles and I to launch a book publishing company, we understood LPC was not ours. It was God’s,” stated Eddie Jones, founder and CEO of LPC Books. “He has simply allowed us to work for him. For that I feel deeply blessed. To get up each morning and know you are sowing seeds for a future harvest is both humbling and exciting.”

In regards to his decision to enter this agreement with Iron Stream Media, Jones added, “When God led me to Iron Stream, I sensed it was God’s hand at work. I already knew the heart of Ramona Richards. Her years of experience in publishing let me know our authors would be in good hands. Bradley Isbell has the vitality and vision to grow this in ways I never could. And John Herring gave me assurances through his words and actions that integrity and honoring God would remain at the heart of LPC. I feel confident our authors, editors and book titles will succeed in ways I could only pray for.”

“Since our inception, we have always been committed to meeting people where they are on their faith journey and making sure what we offer by way of content points people to Christ,” stated John Herring, president and CEO of Iron Stream Media. “We currently offer web-based, full-year and short-term Bible study teaching plans for churches; Bibles; Bible studies; devotionals; and Christian living books dedicated to helping men and women grow in their faith. Through our acquisition of New Hope Publishers in 2017, we acquired our first fiction titles and have been looking for ways to expand those offerings to the market.”

According to Herring, Iron Stream Media initially began as a part of Student Life. After a brief time with NavPress and the Navigators, Life Bible Study was born as an independent company and expanded to include content for adults and children in addition to students.  Since then the company has been on a trajectory of growth and expansion. In 2017, the company acquired New Hope Publishers. Earlier this year, the company began the launch of three new imprints:  Ascender Books, Iron Stream Books and New Hope Kidz.

“As a Christian media company, our mission is to provide high-quality resources that will advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in someone’s life and help them make disciples as they go,” Herring stated. “Lighthouse shares a similar vision by seeking to provide content that enriches the lives of believers by ensuring the agendas of their fiction content points to a moral truth. As a team, we are excited to pick up each of the new imprints at LCP, especially the Illuminate young adult fiction line.”

According to Bradley Isbell, director of operations for Iron Stream Media, both Lighthouse Publishing and Iron Stream media plan for a seamless transition. Iron Stream Media has already begun the welcome and integration of the Lighthouse Publishing network to the Iron Stream media team and network of authors with plans to continue following the existing Lighthouse model for acquisitions and distribution.

About Lighthouse Publishing
LPC Books launched its general book publishing division in 2007. Authors include Christy Award winners, debut novelists, and nonfiction writers. All fiction titles point to moral truths and characters with strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong. Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas is a traditional, royalty-paying book publisher. LPC currently has several active imprints that range from romance and suspense to westerns and Christian nonfiction. Several of those imprints include: Trailblazer Western Fiction; Firefly Southern Fiction; Bling! Romance; Candlelight Romance; Harambee Press, Guiding Light Women’s Fiction; Lamplighter Mysteries & Suspense; IlluminateYA Fiction; and Sonrise Devotionals. In addition to print and ebooks, LPC also publishes titles in audiobook format.

About Iron Stream Media
Iron Stream Media derives its name from Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This sharpening describes the process of discipleship, one to another. With this in mind, Iron Stream Media provides a variety of solutions for churches, missionaries and nonprofits ranging from in-depth Bible study curriculum and Christian book publishing to custom publishing and consultative services. Through the popular Life Bible Study and Student Life Bible Study brands, Iron Stream Media provides web-based full-year and short-term Bible study teaching plans as well as printed devotionals, Bibles, and discipleship curriculum.

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