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Iron Stream Media and New Hope Publishers announce new imprints

Iron Stream Media, the parent organization of New Hope® Publishers, announces the launch of three new publishing imprints: Ascender Books, Iron Stream Books, and New Hope Kidz. The goal of each mark is to serve a specific segment of the Christian marketplace with quality resources. The premier titles from each of these new lines are scheduled to release in 2019.

According to Ramona Richards, associate publisher, “The Christian marketplace continues to expand into new areas, and these growth areas need products with their own identity. In our mission to grow disciples for Christ, Iron Stream Media wants to reach believers with resources that delve into the heart of their faith and personal growth in the Lord.”

New Hope Publishers remains the flagship imprint, with publishing goals similar to the ones established initially in the mid-1990s. It will continue to release Christian trade nonfiction and fiction aimed at a conservative-to-mainstream audience with traditional theological foundations. Nonfiction titles will continue to focus on the topics of parenting and family, spiritual and personal growth, and Bible studies. The fiction titles will be primarily suspense, visionary, romance, and seasonal.

Ascender Books will serve a grace-inspired audience, with resources developed from within the Spirit-led community. Titles will focus on spiritual growth, spiritual warfare, and in-depth studies of Scripture. Ascender Books will also include online studies for churches and small groups.

Iron Stream Books will center on leadership, spiritual growth, business as mission, millennials, and specialty markets. The first book to launch under the ISB imprint is Randy Hemphill’s The Restored Man (January 2019).

New Hope Kidz will feature picture and board books for preschool and early readers. Storybooks and Bibles for boys and girls will also become a part of this imprint. Rivers Overseas (August 2019) by Sarah Nunnally is the premier book of the line.

All four imprints will feature expanded studies and online resources available through Iron Stream Media’s Life Bible Study and Student Life Bible Study curriculum imprints, making church-compatible materials available for each book title.

Iron Stream Media derives its name from Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This sharpening describes the process of discipleship, one to another. Iron Stream Media provides a variety of solutions for churches, missionaries, and nonprofits that include in-depth Bible study curriculum, Christian book publishing, and consultative services. Iron Stream Media is the home of New Hope Publishers, Iron Stream Books, Ascender Books, and New Hope Kidz. Through the popular Life Bible Study and Student Life Bible Study brands, they also provide web-based, full-year and short-term Bible study teaching plans as well as printed devotionals, Bibles, and discipleship curriculum.