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Iron Stream Books announces first book
in Iron Stream Books line

BIRMINGHAM: Iron Stream Media announces The Restored Man: Becoming a Man of God—the first book in the newly established Iron Stream Books line. (Iron Stream Books / January 14, 2019 / ISBN: 978-1-56309-470-5 / $15.99)

There comes a time in every man’s journey with God where tips and techniques simply do not work. The Restored Manis not simply another book to read or box to check. It is a practical, life-changing path for every man to a deeper and healthier relationship with God and others. Author Randy Hemphill invites the reader to explore four key areas of restoration and let God buff out the rough edges of one’s heart to bring healing and wholeness to your spirit and relationships.
This much-needed resource will equip and compel men to lead other men through this process—having an impact for generations to come.

Learn more about Randy and The Restored Man. 

Advance Praise

“Randy Hemphill is a man who has experienced God’s restorative grace in powerful ways, and he knows how to lead other men to find this same grace. You will find The Restored Man to be an important guide for your own journey as well as a tool to help others in their unique journeys.” —Dr. Mark Searby, director, Center for Pastoral Resilience

“A man’s journey and strength is vital to the family and the local church. In The Restored Man, Randy Hemphill provides men with a process for growth with God and others. I would encourage pastors and churches to use this resource.” —Johnny Hunt, senior pastor, First Baptist Woodstock, former president of Southern Baptist Convention

About the Author

Restoring hearts and climbing mountains . . . a few of Randy’s passions. Reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro was a thrill and an accomplishment. But his deepest passion, which led to the launch of LIFE Ministries, is fighting for men’s hearts. From counseling and writing to speaking, Randy’s desire is to see healthy relationships and healthy churches. He and his wife Melody coauthored 30 Days of Hope for Hurting Marriages with New Hope Publishers and have three sons and one daughter.

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