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Introducing the BISAC Subject Headings: 2015 Edition
Young Adult Titles Are Now More Discoverable than Ever

The eagerly anticipated BISAC Subject Headings: 2015 Edition is available to download immediately.

This year’s edition focuses on the addition of the Young Adult Fiction (YAF) and Young Adult Nonfiction (YAN) sections for the young adult audience (ages 12-18), and an adjustment on the age group that the Juvenile Fiction (JUV) and Juvenile Nonfiction (JNF) sections cover, now preschool to 6th grade (ages 0-11). More than 500 new codes are included, the majority of which are within these two new sections.

Implementing the expanded subject codes can provide the following benefits:

Enhance your current titles’ discoverability
Maintain visibility of backlist titles
Improve your market intelligence
Advance your marketing strategy
Increase your selling potential

Download the new edition here

Access our BISAC tutorial and FAQ page here for recommendations on utilizing the BISAC subject headings, including incorporating new codes, handling literal change and inactivations, and best practices for the YAF and YAN sections. As always, BISG members can download the new edition in Word and Excel formats for free. 

In order to facilitate uniformity of usage, the Subject Codes Committee recommends that the new codes be implemented no later than January 31, 2016.

 BISG thanks the Subject Codes Committee for their tireless efforts in making BISAC Subject Headings: 2015 Edition possiblePlease contact Connie Harbison at Connie.Harbison@baker-taylor. com with any questions about the new edition.

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