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InterVarsity Press Announces New Distribution Agreement
with SPCK and Macmillan Distribution Limited

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InterVarsity Press (IVP-USA) is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK). IVP-USA’s stock will be available through Macmillan Distribution Limited (MDL) and SPCK will offer sales representation to key accounts and local shops in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

IVP-USA was previously represented in Europe by Inter-Varsity Press in the United Kingdom (IVP-UK) through their Partnership Distribution program. In October, IVP-UK came under the management of SPCK and retained their current board of trustees in a newly established IVP-UK publishing board. Additionally, IVP-UK area development managers Samantha Cheddie and Julian Gittings will continue their work with existing customers under SPCK’s management.

IVP-USA and IVP-UK both have their roots in the International Fellowship for Evangelical Students, known as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the United States and the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship in the United Kingdom. They have historically been linked as the primary publishers in the United States and United Kingdom, respectively, for authors like John Stott and series like the New Studies in Biblical Theology and the Bible Speaks Today. 

Jeff Crosby, IVP-USA Associate Publisher and head of international sales, said, “As with the US market, the changes sweeping through the UK book landscape call for adaptive leadership, and we are grateful for the work of SPCK in welcoming us into their fold and offering a new paradigm of representation and distribution that will provide a win-win model.”

“This more focused sales relationship ensures our ability to maximize the sales of IVP and our smaller number of partners . . . while also keeping the highly respected and effective sales team of Julian and Samantha on the road,” said Sam Richardson, CEO of SPCK. Bob Fryling, IVP-USA’s publisher, also praised the agreement, saying, “IVP-USA is delighted to forge this new partnership and synergy with SPCK.”

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