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Instagram sensations Ashley and Dino Petrone to publish debut book with Tyndale Momentum

Carol Stream, Ill. (August 25, 2021) — Tyndale House Publishers (@tyndalehouse) will release Designed to Last in April 2022, written by Instagram sensations (@arrowsandbow) Ashley and Dino Petrone. In their much-anticipated debut book, Ashley and Dino invite readers into their home and relationship, employing their trademark honest and hilarious storytelling.

The Petrones are the first to say that they don’t have all the answers, but in their book, they invite readers to join them as they share the struggles and successes that come from intentionally staying committed to God and each other. They are convinced that when you build with faith, creativity, and love as the foundation . . . you build something designed to last.

Ashley and Dino announced their upcoming book release on their Instagram platform @arrowsandbow, with over 619k followers, on August 23, triggering a viral response. In addition to reaching their own platform, over 30 Instagram influencers organically shared their news, accounting for over 1.7 million impressions, demonstrating the power of their community and platform. This social media announcement landed Designed to Last on Amazon Best Seller lists shortly after breaking the news. Specifically, within hours of the announcement, the book skyrocketed to #11 in all books on Amazon. It also appeared in the #1 spot on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers and #2 on New Release lists, respectively, and the #1 spot on Amazon’s Happiness Self-Help, Christian Self-Help, and Christian Marriage lists.

Senior Acquisitions Editor Kara Leonino shared, “While it would be easy and truthful to say that social media is not always an accurate representation of a person’s true nature, I can tell you firsthand that Ashley and Dino are the real deal. I discovered them on Instagram years ago—drawn in by their inviting, quirky, honest, friendly, and exceptionally fun personalities. Ashley and Dino are creatives and trailblazers who welcome people as they are and encourage us all to chase big dreams and adventures.” She continued, “They’re real—not afraid to talk about hard things but still find hope in the in-between areas of regular life. They are clear in all aspects of how they share their life that their faith is central and a key motivator in everything they do from managing their business, to curating content for social media, raising their children, and highlighting—throughout their book Designed to Last—the way they consistently show that God is central to their marriage. It is a dream come true to publish their first book, an incredible example for the world about what an inspired, beautiful, loving marriage and home can be.”

Publisher Sarah Atkinson added, “On behalf of Tyndale Momentum, I can’t overstate how excited we are to be partnering with Ashley and Dino on their first book. It has been, quite simply, a beautiful journey in every way—starting from our very first conversations when we all came together to share the dream of what a book could be. The result: a gorgeous book full of amazing adventures, photos, and charm. It’s funny, heartfelt, poignant, and creative—just like the Petrones themselves. Their online community will love it, and so will the many new friends they’ll make along the way.”

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