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Innovative Cinematic Gospel Film Project
Names New Leader

Steve Blount Appointed President of The Lumo Project

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., November 13, 2015—The Lumo Project has named Steve Blount President of the new Cinematic Gospel film which is projected to transform how people experience and understand the historical Jesus.

The Lumo Project is like watching the Bible unfold right before your eyes,” said Rob Hoskins, The Lumo Project Advisory Board Member. “As the next generation demands and expects more screen and digital options, we believe The Lumo Project will resonate and transform how young people encounter God’s Word and we believe Steve Blount is the best man to maximize its effectiveness.”

Blount has a rich background in publishing and is President and Chief Operating Officer of the largest Christian comic series, Kingstone Media Group. 

“We believe Steve will provide strong and wise leadership to steward The Lumo Project toward achieving its full Kingdom potential as we anticipate future development and translation into multiple languages,”said Dr. Gary Nelson, chairman Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN).

With 20 years of Christian publishing experience, Blount brings extensive knowledge to The Lumo Project. He served as COO of the Church Resources Division at Lifeway and most recently as the Chief Publishing Officer of The Assemblies of God, the world’s fourth-largest Christian community—comprising 67 million members and 365,000 churches.

Blount will lead the global strategy for The Lumo Project, developing regional and national strategies, and partnering with ministries and churches all over the world. In serving the global Church, Blount will represent The Lumo Project as redefining the standard of visual biblical media.

The Lumo Project is an artistic and educationally unabridged Scripture rendering of the life of Christ. The film’s historical integrity was informed by leading world experts in the latest theological, historical and archaeological research to promote biblical literacy.

After extensive research, The Lumo Project was shot on location in Morocco to represent the Holy Land of 2,000 years ago. Highly talented British actor, Selva Rasalingam portrays an authentic, First Century Middle-Eastern Jesus dispelling the myth of a westernized figure.  

About The Lumo Project

The Lumo Project is redefining the standard of visual biblical media. Through exacting research and attention to detail, The Lumo Project is a series of films produced to resource ministries seeking to promote global biblical literacy. Using unabridged Scripture, these films were designed to portray the life of Christ using compellingly accurate visuals and incorporating contextually sensitive translations in several languages.