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Ink & Willow’s new Planner inspires missional and social justice action, and Card Deck sparks family conversations around Scripture


On sale August 9, 2022

This August, Ink & Willow, the creative line in Penguin Random House’s WaterBrook imprint, is introducing two uniquely designed and beautiful gift products. While the guided Be the Difference Monthly Planner (on sale 8/9/22) helps individuals identify and act on issues that matter most to them, the interactive Bible Conversation Cards (on sale 8/9/22) invites the whole family to engage in God’s Word. Created for interactivity and with spiritual and personal growth in mind, both products offer inspiration for the everyday practice of creatively-minded Christians.

Be the Difference Monthly Planner: Serve Others & Change the World

With the rise of recent news stories about fear, prejudice, poverty, and inequality, many are experiencing an overwhelming sense of sorrow and helplessness. For those who want to do something about the broken parts of the world, but don’t know where to start, this undated, 52-week monthly planner acts as a powerful first step anyone can take toward strengthening their advocacy skills.

“We created Be the Difference due to a gap we perceived in the market around action-focused, social justice planners from a faith-based perspective,” explains Ink & Willow Associate Editor Leslie Calhoun. “Some of the greatest humanitarian movements in history have been started by remarkable people of faith—from the abolition of slavery and racial oppression to child labor, housing, and prison reforms. Even with all the great work that has been done, there’s still more to do, and as the people of God, we are called to be missionally-minded and to love our neighbors well. Our hope is that this book will help in some small way by encouraging readers to plan prayerfully and take purposeful action.” With features including “quarterly check-ins,” “advocate profiles,” and a “donation tracker,” this practical and motivating resource provides the space and tools necessary when mapping intentional steps to create an impact locally, nationally, and globally.

Bible Conversation Cards: 100 Verses to Memorize and Explore with Your Family

For families who are eager to go deeper into the Bible with their kids, this vibrant set of one hundred informational Scripture cards offers a fun and approachable activity for growing spiritually together. “So many families of faith have a wonderfully consistent practice of praying and reading the Bible together,” says Associate Editor Leslie Calhoun, “but it can often be easy to glaze past words like “redemption,” “grace,” and “eternity” without really talking about what they mean. These cards offer a perfect catalyst for parents to have those conversations with their kids, regardless of age or comprehension level at which they might be starting out.” The front of each card features a single verse to memorize, while the back offers discussion questions, such as “Who is God?” and “How do I grow in Christ?”

With three levels of questions for kids of different ages, these cards are perfect for exploring scripture in a family-friendly, bite-sized way. For Bible enthusiasts and novices, this boxed set provides the ideal jumpstart for conversations around the dinner table, in the car, or at bedtime! 

Ink & Willow products infuse contemplation and inspiration into the regular spiritual practice of creative-minded Christians, wherever they are in their faith journey. Each thoughtfully curated gift product is based in biblical truth and sparks a reminder of how God reveals beauty in the midst of our ordinary.

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