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How Did I Get Here? by Christine Caine helps readers find their way back to God, even in the hardest of times. Throughout her book, Caine shares her journey of losing passion and hope and how she turned her eyes back to Jesus. How Did I Get Here? helps readers learn how to trust God through seasons of doubt, pain, and uncertainty. It reminds readers of the peace available with God, no matter what obstacles life brings. And, most importantly, it encourages readers to take hold of the promises of God to move forward in life with renewed hope for the future.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote How Did I Get Here? through our Christian Influencer Group to generate sales and recognition for this powerful book. 

Target Audience

According to Caine, How Did I Get Here? was written “for all who feel empty of the spiritual passion they once knew.” Specifically, the ideal audience for this campaign included Christian adults of all ages who read inspirational and faith-based personal growth books. Additionally, because Christine Caine is a well-known author, speaker, and activist, we also targeted people who follow Caine’s teachings and similar ministry leaders and influencers. 


Because the target audience for How Did I Get Here? was broad, FrontGate identified, vetted, and onboarded a large group of diverse, passionate Christian influencers to reach people of all ages and walks of life. 

We provided each Christian influencer with a copy of How Did I Get Here? for free. They were then asked to read the book and promote it on their social media platforms. Additionally, influencers were encouraged to write reviews for retail sites, email lists, and blogging platforms for additional exposure. How Did I Get Here? was primarily promoted across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter through this influencer campaign.


Engagement and sales for How Did I Get Here? soared via the Christian influencer campaign, as you can see in the details outlined below. 

  • Total Influencers: 73
  • Total Reach/Impressions: 1,385,887
  • Total Social Engagements: 102,707
  • Total Book Site Clicks: 1,209

73 Christian influencers read and promoted Christine Caine’s book to their followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, with Instagram being the most popular platform. Their total reach is over 1.3 million people across the nation and around the globe. Over 100,000 people directly engaged with the book in these social environments, and 1,209 clicked the link to the book site at

Additionally, the use of Instagram Stories to promote Caine’s book increased awareness and engagement even more. However, social platforms weren’t the only place How Did I Get Here? was shared. A handful of the Christian influencers also wrote and published reviews on their highly-trafficked Blogs.

FrontGate Media’s Christian Influencer Group features highly engaged communities under these social leaders, taking product and cause campaigns like Christine Caine’s book release to the next level. Most importantly, with the help of these Christian influencers, people everywhere know about How Did I Get Here? and can find the hope and encouragement they need to move forward in life with renewed passion.

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