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Woman Evolve: Break Up with Your Fears and Revolutionize Your Life by Sarah Jakes Roberts is filled with lessons about life and insights from the story of Eve to remind women everywhere disappointments and mistakes are not the end. Throughout her book, Roberts shares her belief that the past is what can help women become the person God created them to be. With a bold statement that “women can have it all,” Roberts uses her own experience to encourage others to awaken, identify, and release the unique offering of the women and evolve. 

FrontGate Media was hired to promote Woman Evolve through our Christian Social Influencer Group to reach the right audience through the right influencers to raise awareness of Roberts’ movement and sales for her book. 

Target Audience

Woman Evolve is written by a woman for women, so the ideal audience for this campaign included adult Christian women who read non-fiction self-help books and/or follow Sarah Jakes Roberts or similar pastors, speakers, and influencers. 


This target audience was engaged through FrontGate’s proprietary Social Influencer Group. Out of our large selection of Christian influencers, we identified, vetted, and onboarded a diverse group of strong, influential women to promote Woman Evolve to the book’s ideal audience. 

Each Christian influencer was provided a copy of Woman Evolve to read and promote across various social media platforms, and other retail or email platforms as relevant and/or desired. While the main social platform used in this campaign was Instagram, our group of influencers also promoted Roberts’ book across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their own blogs and email lists. 

Woman Evolve, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing


The Woman Evolve influencer campaign was extremely successful and accomplished the goals of increased awareness, engagement, and book sales as outlined below.

  • Total Influencers: 37
  • Total Reach/Impressions: 471,615
  • Total Social Reactions: 8,766

With 37 Christian influencers involved in this Christian Influencer campaign, the message and heart of Woman Evolve was shared with hundreds of thousands of women across the nation and around the globe. Totaling over 470,000 impressions and nearly 9,000 social reactions, this campaign drew a lot of attention and engagement across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the influencers’ Blogs and Email Lists which are not included in the counts above. Additional promotion and engagement was generated through Instagram Stories and book review platforms like Christianbook.com.

FrontGate Media’s Social Influencer Group was an integral part of the overall launch campaign, generating significant reach and engagement for a Christian book. Woman Evolve was positioned to reach women everywhere with its empowering message that there’s no better time than now to be a woman. 

Woman Evolve reached the #1 spot on ECPA’s Top 50 bestsellers list in May 2021. This is a milestone accomplishment because it is the first time in 2021 that a new release became the top-selling Christian book.

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