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Tito The Raccoon had a lot to “say” about the Better Together book!

FrontGate Christian Influencer GroupBetter Together from Zondervan’s Gift Books division is an inspirational hardcover coffee table book for people of all ages to enjoy. It features adorable animal photos alongside meaningful quotes on the topics of friendship, love, respect, compassion, and unity. It highlights the very best things about friendships and makes a great gift!

FrontGate Media was hired to promote Better Together through our Social Influencer Group to increase awareness, engagement, and book sales. 

Target Audience

The ideal audience for this campaign was animal-loving Christian families who would enjoy this book for themselves or as a gift. 


This was an extra fun pilot project for expanding our Christian Influencer Group. For the first time, we secured family-friendly animal influencers to support this book release in addition to our “normal” influencers,  our cultivated partnerships with a core group of Christian influencers with whom we’ve established relationships and evaluated performance. The campaign included strategizing, researching, executing, and reporting on a strong Influencer Marketing Campaign to target the publisher’s ideal audience. To do this, FrontGate identified individuals who have influence over potential buyers of Better Together. 


The Better Together influencer marketing campaign had outstanding results.

  • Total Impressions: 586,805
  • Total Influencers: 12
  • Total Social Engagements: 10,294

Our Social Influencer Group campaign reached over 500,000 animal-loving, faith-friendly people in the desired reader audience, effectively increasing brand awareness for Better Together. Over 10,000 personal engagements recorded excellent interaction with the book.