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Leading entertainment site New Release Today joined in to support the Gift Catalog

FrontGate Christian Influencer GroupThe Advancing Native Missions Gift Catalog is an amazing giving opportunity that sends missions-minded gifts to places where there is little or no Christian influence. All gifts sent from the ANM Gift Catalog help people in some of the neediest places in the world encounter the Gospel message and find hope in Jesus. Every gift donation is designed to equip indigenous Christian partners with the tools and resources they need to help truly transform lives and have a great impact around the world. 

FrontGate Media was hired to promote the Advancing Native Missions Gift Catalog through our Social Influencer Group to dramatically increase awareness and engagement beyond the ministry’s existing donor base, and of course to generate donations. 

Target Audience

The ideal audience for this campaign was Christian families who were not yet aware of Advancing Native Missions. This audience was targeted to come into alignment with the ministry’s mission and participate in a meaningful Missions giving opportunity during the 2020 holiday season and beyond.


As part of our multi-tactic marketing strategy, we utilized our proprietary Social Influencer Group, to create a micro-influencer campaign. Our Christian Influencers Group has been developed, cultivated, and refined over the last couple of years. The campaign included creating the strategy and materials, selecting the right targeted mix of influencers, executing their engagement, securing completion, and finishing with a detailed report back to the ministry.  


As part of our overall marketing campaign, the influencer marketing program for the Advancing Native Missions Gift Catalog utilized the social impact of a few big names and brands in the Christian world: Jodi Mockabee, Kevin Sorbo, New Release Today, and The Washington Times.  

  • Total Impressions: 1,982,042
  • Total Influencers: 4
  • Total Social Engagements: 14,401

We reached nearly 2 million people in the non-profit’s desired reader audience, effectively increasing brand awareness for the ANM Gift Catalog through our Social Influencer Group. With over 14,000 engagements along with our other efforts, Advancing Native Missions was very happy with the increased brand engagement and donations achieved.