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Independent Christian Retailers Report Sales
& Margin Gains For 2015

Signature Marketing Retailers reported sales and margin gains for 2015 in their yearend wrap-up.  “We were able to bring in more customers and increase sales in 2015,” said Rodney MacKrill, owner of Divine Truth in LaVista, Nebraska.  “Our promotions with customer savings to 50% featured on our endcaps and supported with our website and emails really helped us fulfill our commitment to compete in service and price every month, with strong profitability,” he added.

In 2015, record numbers of Christian retailers promoted great customer savings with over 1,200 in-store endcaps each month.  Their endcap promotions were featured in over 12 million emails and showcased on over 10 million page views on their websites.  Many achieved sales increases during the Christmas season which they hadn’t seen in years.  “We promoted great customer savings on new and bestselling products every day throughout the Christmas season and it helped us increase Christmas sales by 10% over last year,” said Nancy Ford, owner of Words of Wisdom in Swansea, Illinois.

Stores are finding great success in aligning their message across all channels.  “Our customers like going to our website to find out what we are promoting each month, along with our store stock, and they love being able to hold items for in-store pick-up at the same price as on our website,” said Bill Sharp at Living Room Bookstore in Bastrop, Texas.  “This has helped us set new sales records,” Sharp added.

Successfully serving Church leadership is a priority for retailers as well.  “Serving the Church is really important to us,” says Joe Catalano at Jesus Book & Gift Stores in New Jersey.  “Our Churches want our promotions not only in the store, but with our catalogs, online and in our emails, so that’s how we provide them.”

The resurgence of Independent Christian Retailers is underway.  Together they are successfully competing in service and price with high value customer promotions featured on in-store endcaps, supported by weekly customer emails and showcased on their websites.  It’s all a part of the Signature Marketing Network, now including over 250 retailers nationwide.

Innovative, Inc. continues to be a leader in providing integrated traditional and digit marketing solutions to grow business.  Through Signature Marketing and Innovative Church Marketing, they provide solutions for over 600 independent Christian retailers, as well as many leading Christian Broadcasters and Ministries.  For more information visit ( or contact Rick Patterson at (888)747-4264 x2024.

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