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Easter Marketing Campaign

Easter is quickly approaching, and now is the perfect time to optimize your Easter campaign to target and reach the right engaged Christian audiences looking to grow in the Kingdom.

At FrontGate Media, we offer hundreds of digital advertising opportunities through our Christian & Conservative digital media platforms reaching more than 10 million UVM, 20+ million email subscribers, and even more millions of Social Followers.

Let us help you execute an effective campaign to reach the right people looking for a new product, resource, or offer for Easter. Spend your marketing dollars wisely and engage our proven audiences with your best message and campaign.

We can create engagement with any of your fundraising, outreach initiatives, products, lead gen premiums, or resources. Contact us today for a practical marketing menu you can review to achieve your goals this Easter.

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Our award-winning team is here for one purpose: to get you connected to the Christian audiences you desire to reach in creative (and most importantly) effective ways as we highlighted here.


Scott A. Shuford, Founder & President of FrontGate Media

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