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In tribute to Harvest House author Dr. Robert Lesslie

Eugene, Oregon—We at Harvest House Publishers are deeply heartbroken over the tragic news of the shooting deaths of Dr. Robert Lesslie, his dear wife Barbara, their grandchildren Adah and Noah, and another victim on April 7, 2021, in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Dr. Lesslie was special in many ways. Two characteristics that particularly stood out in our every interaction with him were his genuine love for people and his gracious humility. We have marveled at how fortunate—and blessed—his patients were to have a doctor who exhibited the extraordinary compassion he did. These traits shone brightly all through his decades of medical service, including 25 years as an ER doctor, where his giftedness offered what people needed most as they faced traumatic and life-threatening emergencies.

We get a glimpse of Dr. Lesslie’s heart with these words from his bestseller Angels in the ER, one of 12 published books he wrote as a Harvest House author: “I know without a doubt that life is fragile. I have come to understand that humility may be the greatest virtue. And I am convinced we need to take the time to say the things we deeply feel to the people we deeply care about.”

Angels in the ER, a compilation of miraculous and inspirational accounts of God at work in dire medical circumstances, released in 2008 and has sold nearly 340,000 copies worldwide. The in-print total of all of Dr. Lesslie’s books is approaching 750,000 copies, with many of them reaching people outside the Christian marketplace in airports, grocery stores, Walmart and more. Dr. Lesslie’s 13th book, Angels in the ER—Volume 2, will release on August 24, 2021.

“Robert was deeply loved for the exceptional level of care he showed to people. He was a godly and humble man who changed the course of life for so many—both in medical centers and through his books. God’s love was very much on display in every aspect of his life, faith and work,” says Bob Hawkins, president of Harvest House Publishers. “His legacy of wholehearted service, as shared in his books, will bless readers for a long time to come, giving people much-needed hope and enabling them to find faith.”

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