Impact Nations Increases Focus on Uganda 

Organization Commits to a Three Phase Project that Brings Clean Water, Builds Schools, Creates Businesses and Trains Pastors.

Vancouver, B.C. (December 20, 2013)– As the new year approaches, Impact Nations is gearing up to fulfill their commitment to help improve the extreme needs faced in the community of Kalonga, Uganda. Similar to the model that Impact Nations has used in other areas around the globe, the organization will implement a community transformation strategy that can bring lasting help to this region that currently is facing desperate need.

Located 96 miles Northeast of Gulu, Kalgona is a rural village made up of 3,000 families. The residents are farmers who earn less than $1.50 per day, which has created a cycle of poverty and corruption.  Their children have no opportunity for an education.  There is no clean water-source, creating rampant water-borne diseases.  The one clinic is over-run by the suffering, and too often, workers sell government provided medications to private pharmacies to better their own lives.  This forces needy parents to purchase medicines at incredibly inflated costs that should be free. Without the financial means to pay for medicines, parents are required to leverage their future crops, which leaves them without enough food to feed their children.  This cycle becomes their reality – parents have to decide whether to provide food or medicine for their children.

Built in three phases designed to completely transform the community, Impact Nations has already raised over half of the funds needed for phase one.  To date, 25% of the needed water filters and three rainwater tanks have been installed, a solar power system has been installed at the Hope and Care School and a 15-acre farm has been secured.  Additional phase one projects will include providing more water filters and tanks and purchasing farmland and livestock that will provide an income for single mothers, widows and help fund partner schools.

Phase two builds classrooms and trains teachers at the Hope and Care School, trains citizens in farming and gardening, provides vocational training for widows and single mothers and trains community health leaders.  The third and final phase establishes a community medical clinic, builds homes for orphans and establishes micro-credit and entrepreneurial programs for businesses.

Impact Nations is committed to not just meet the immediate needs of the community, but by assisting in the creation of sustainable businesses, as well as schools, clinics and churches, the region can end the cycle of poverty from within.  This internal change causes a ripple effect that discourages corruption, decreases the opportunity for trafficking and allows for sense of peace, personal pride and security.

One of the unique elements that separates Impact Nations from other relief organizations is the ability for anyone to travel to their work-sites, get their hands dirty and help transform a community.  From March 16-28, Impact Nations will be hosting a Journey of Compassion where volunteers can help in three regions throughout the country.  This firsthand experience includes conducting medical clinics, distributing water filters, training people about sanitation and health practices, serving orphans and sharing the gospel.  Early registration closes January 15.

Over the past seven years, Impact Nations has been honored to work alongside local citizens to bring clean water to over 150,000 people in countries such as Nicaragua, Haiti, Uganda, Kenya and the Philippines.  Once again in Kalgona, Impact Nations will utilize Sawyer Point One technology, which provides up to 500 US gallons of clean water each day.

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About Impact Nations:

Since 2005, Impact Nations has been dedicated to bringing hope and restoration to the poor and vulnerable in the developing world through both supernatural and practical expressions of the Kingdom of God. Founded by Steve and Christina Stewart, the organization takes teams from the West to engage in front line ministry: Christ is preached, the sick are healed, and the Gospel is demonstrated through feeding programs, mobile medical clinics, installing clean water systems and other practical demonstrations. Building upon the bridges built during these Journeys of Compassion, Impact Nations establishes long term, sustainable projects that bring about community transformation. Follow the team on twitter at @impactnations.

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