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iDisciple, Christian Cinema, and Family Christian join forces under new parent company

Introducing Giving Company, A Not-For-Profit Global Faith And Family Media Network

ALPHARETTA, GA, Sept. 12, 2018 – Today, the Board of Directors of Giving Company (formerly iDisciple Holdings, LLC) announced the merger of four well-known faith-based brands under the non-profit umbrella of Giving Company: iDisciple, Christian Cinema, Family Christian and (formerly The Dove Foundation). The merger creates a global faith and family media network that will serve the 90 million faith-oriented families in the U.S. and millions more around the world. Additionally, the nonprofit has formed iDisciple Publishing, a division that will release premium non-fiction books with an exciting range of authors serving the Christian community.

“Giving Company has assembled a trusted family of brands to provide a range of products and services that will cater to consumers’ needs for fresh, on-demand content,” said Giving Company CEO David Henriksen. “We are very excited about the unique position this puts us in to work with pastors, authors and publishers, independent filmmakers and major Hollywood studios, and Christian music labels to reach and connect with faith- and values-oriented families in our country. Together, we have significant potential to create a powerful engine to give to those who need it most.”

The merger provides an unprecedented opportunity for brands, ministries and organizations to connect with Giving Company’s nearly 3 million consumers through strategic media and marketing partnerships, new ministry initiatives and innovative product development. A 501(c)(3) organization, Giving Company will provide a variety of content and services to their core audience and offer brands a myriad of opportunities to engage with them—all while making a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged women and children around the world.

One benefit Giving Company consumers will soon experience is the conversion of the current iDisciple Premium subscription service to the Giving Membership, which includes content offerings from both iDisciple and Christian Cinema and will expand to include content from the other brands in the coming year. The Giving Membership will also provide users with unique opportunities to give back through their memberships.

“We want each of our brands to thrive, from the solid positions they’ve established with their media partners and consumers, while benefiting from collaboration as a newly formed family of multiple brands,” said Henriksen. “Our new team has limitless potential to lead the conversation to the faith-based market through traditional digital advertising, strategic planning, premium offer and product development, and creative consulting expertise. Giving Company is uniquely positioned to become a ‘one-stop shop’ for faith and family content needs.”

Most exciting to Giving Company’s Board of Directors is the ability to directly impact the neediest people in the world by operating as a nonprofit. With guidance from the Board, 100% of net profits will be given to charities that support underprivileged or marginalized women and children.

“This is the reason for our enthusiastic ambition,” said Rick Jackson, Board Chairman. “Everyone who does business with Giving Company, whether they are ministry partners or content subscribers, can be confident in their genuine support of important charities. We have an incredible opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the world through these businesses.”

Giving Company’s family of brands includes:

  • Since 2013, iDisciple has leveraged content, data, and technology to lead people to a closer connection with God. Its mission is to daily connect people with God to make a global difference. To that end, iDisciple Publishing works with top-notch authors to publish premium non-fiction titles that point readers to God.
  • Christian Cinema is a TVOD streaming service with the largest library of Christian film and episodic content in the world and offers a white-label platform service for other global broadcasters.
  •, formerly The Dove Foundation, is a 25-year-old brand known for the Dove Seal of Approval. Their famous content rating grid has helped families discover, discuss and decide about whether the content in movies and other entertainment is appropriate for and appealing to their family.
  • Family Christian, formerly the brick-and-mortar retail chain, will be relaunching in the coming days as a digital content platform for women and families with an e-commerce offering. Stay tuned for more information on the exciting web relaunch of this iconic brand.

About Giving Company
Formed in 2018, Giving Company is a nonprofit global faith and family media network on mission to serve underprivileged and marginalized women and children around the world. The Giving Company family of brands includes iDisciple, Christian Cinema, and Family Christian. For more information, visit