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How We Got the Bible DVD-Based Study Shows Truth
and Reliability of the Bible

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Los Angeles, California—Recent studies show that almost half of Americans question the Bible’s reliability. Since the Bible was compiled, translated, and copied over thousands of years, many wonder: How accurate is the Bible and how do we know we can trust it? 

These questions and more are answered in the new 6- session DVD-based study, How We Got the Bible (Rose Publishing) hosted by expert Dr. Timothy Paul Jones. 

With wit and a touch of humor, Jones provides an overview of how the Bible was put together from start to finish, from clay to paper, from Aramaic to English. Easily understand what it means when the Bible is called “inspired,” “infallible,” and “inerrant.” Find value in solid archaeological evidence and linguistic findings. Jones not only covers the accuracy of translation and duplication methods, but he also expertly weaves a colorful and informative patchwork of the history of events and people that God chose to get the Bible to what it is today. 

“Dr. Timothy Paul Jones has created a helpful and easy-to-follow book and DVD series showing that the Bible can be trusted. How We Got the Bible is helpful for skeptics who are unsure about the reliability of the Bible, but also for believers who want to go deeper in their faith.”—Sean McDowell, PhD, Assistant Professor at Biola University, author of Is God Just a Human Invention? 

Jones tackles the 6 main elements of biblical proofing: 

Session 1: What’s So Special About the Bible
Session 2: How We Got the Old Testament
Session 3: How We Got the New Testament
Session 4: How the Books of the New Testament Were Chosen 
Session 5: How the New Testament Was Copied 
Session 6: How We Got the Bible in English 

“As Christians, we have a responsibility to ‘stand firm and hold to the traditions you were taught’ (2 Thess. 2:15). How We Got the Bible DVD is an easy-to-use tool that prepares Christians by bringing to life the people and events of history.”—Gabriel Etzel, DMin, PhD, Administrative Dean, School of Divinity, Liberty University 

Dive into the fascinating stories of William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, Johannes Gutenberg and other people that risked their lives to get the Bible where it is today. Easily compare today’s Bible with the Dead Sea Scrolls and more early church records from past centuries to see how carefully the texts have been translated and recorded. 

Jones takes biblical proofing to the next level without leaving his audience behind in the complexities of science or translation. Perfect for young adults and adults, each of these six sessions include discussion topics and entertaining animations to illustrate Bible history on the screen. 

“How We Got the Bible is a masterful presentation on the origin, trustworthiness, and history of the Bible. With clarity and wit, Dr. Timothy Jones answers key questions on how this ancient book came to be, how it was transmitted to our day, and he also includes the dramatic stories behind our English Bibles. You’ll treasure your Bible more after this study.”—Diana Severance, PhD, Director, Dunham Bible Museum, Houston Baptist University 

God intended to speak with people and demonstrate His love for us from the very beginning. Explore the mechanics of biblical reliability without losing the depth and meaning of God’s plan for mankind. Jones expertly reveals the apologetics of why the Bible is reliable, and also shares with viewers God’s ultimate desire: to love and redeem His children. 

The How We Got the Bible DVD-Based Study is priced at $99.99 and includes a 6-session video, leader and participant guide, handbook, fold-out time line, teaching PowerPoint®, and promotional materials. 

Product Code: 4064X – ISBN: 9781628622072