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Do you have biblical insights, words of encouragement, and spiritual inspiration to share with others? Are you looking for new ways to market your Christian brand, reach your target audience, and increase awareness of your business, ministry, or organization? If yes, writing a devotional for the YouVersion Bible App could be the opportunity you’ve been seeking. If you’re interested in the YouVersion devotional submission process, keep reading to learn how to write a devotional and get it published. We’ll guide you through the step-by-step process, helping you transform your personal revelations into a source of inspiration for others while simultaneously boosting your brand. 

Who Can Write Devotionals for YouVersion Bible App?

YouVersion accepts devotionals from a variety of sources to be published on the Bible App. While they don’t accept unsolicited submissions, they do accept submissions through an approved agency like FrontGate Media. 

At FrontGate Media, we’ve helped write and publish over 35 devotionals. Our clients are a combination of Christian authors, ministries, non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, and charities, including:

  • Pope Francis
  • Loved + Blessed Subscription Boxes
  • Author Welby O’Brien 
  • Advancing Native Missions 
  • Upward Christian Dating App
  • End Game Press

Our team is here to collaborate with you to refine, structure, and submit a devotional derived from your existing project—be it a new book, album, ministry, or any other work—or a topic that resonates with your target audience. Although we cannot assure acceptance, we take pride in the fact that none of our submissions have been turned down so far.

Once your devotional is submitted, it has the potential to engage new users indefinitely. You can view some long-term statistics for current submissions, as well as our latest devotional on the Bible App. The opportunity to connect with and influence your desired audience through the Bible App is phenomenal, and we are thrilled to assist you in harnessing FrontGate’s proficiency in launching successful devotionals.

How to Write a Devotional for YouVersion Bible App: Step-by-Step Process

Once you decide to start the YouVersion devotional submission process, the first and most important step is to write an engaging, biblically-sound piece. Follow our proven step-by-step method to learn how to write a devotional that’ll engage your audience and get accepted to the YouVersion Bible App. 

Step 1: Choose the Length of Your Devotional

The length of your devotional should be appropriate for your message and audience. While YouVersion recommends a length of 5 or 7 days, you should choose a duration that allows you to fully explore your topic without overwhelming your readers. For instance, a devotional on “Finding Peace in Troubled Times” might require 7 days to delve into various aspects like faith, trust, patience, and surrender.

Step 2: Choose Your Topic and Title

Your topic should be biblically based and resonate with your target audience. It could be a reflection on a particular scripture, a theme from the Bible, or a response to a common life challenge. For example, a topic could be something more general like “Overcoming Fear Through Faith” or something more specific like “How to Homeschool in a God-Honoring Way.”

Your title should be engaging and reflective of your topic. With thousands of devotionals on the app, an engaging title is one of the best ways for yours to stand out. Consider using searchable phrases related to your topic to increase discoverability. For instance, a title like “Overcoming Fear: A 7-Day Journey of Faith” would be both intriguing and searchable, popping up in results when someone searches for a devotional on fear.

Step 3: Outline Your Devotional

Before diving into writing, create an outline for each day of your devotional. Each day should include at least one scripture for the reader and a 300-500 word reflection or teaching based on that scripture. The outline should provide a clear direction for each day’s content. For instance, if you are writing a 5-day devotional on gratitude, your outline might include different subtopics like “What the Bible says about gratitude,” “Gratitude in times of plenty,” “Gratitude in times of want,” etc., each paired with relevant scriptures.

Step 4: Write Your Devotional

Each day’s devotional should consist of 300+ words. Ensure the devotional has a clear flow, with an introduction that sets the tone, a body that elaborates on the scripture and topic, and a conclusion that ties everything together. Consider ending each day’s devotional with a prayer or practical application for the reader to help them connect the teaching to their own life. For example, a day on “Gratitude in times of want” might end with a prompt for the reader to list three things they are grateful for, even under challenging circumstances.

Step 5: Proofread Your Content

Before submitting your devotional to YouVersion, it’s essential to proofread your content thoroughly. Check for grammatical errors and typos and ensure the text flows smoothly. Make sure the scriptures quoted are accurate, and your content aligns with biblical teachings. Having a friend or a fellow believer read through your devotional to provide feedback might be helpful. Remember, thousands of people will potentially read your devotional, so it’s vital to present polished, accurate, and engaging content.

How to Publish a Devotional on YouVersion with FrontGate Media

You can begin the process of publishing your devotional on YouVersion with FrontGate Media before, during, or after you’ve written your devotional. If you’re not a great writer or don’t have time to put a piece together, we can write your devotional for you on your chosen topic. Or, if you’ve already written a devotional, we can review, refine, and start the Youversion devotional submission process on your behalf. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to learn more about how to publish a devotional on YouVersion Bible App.