Do you want to increase book sales and expand your reach to Christian readers?  

OF COURSE YOU DO, unless you’ve stopped writing books!

If you aren’t growing your reader base, then you are shrinking it.  Those who aren’t actively engaged socialmediain increasing their reader base are by default losing readers simply based on normal audience atrophy.

Social Marketing NOT Social Media

Having a social presence is important.  It validates you to the outside world, proving that you are relevant and that you care about engaging with your customers and potential customers.  Social communities are a wonderful place to create a dialog with your target audience and bring them into your brand.  Content is just one part of Social Media. Engagement is just as important if you want to activate your followers.

FrontGate Media has been actively marketing in the social media space since 2007, back when Facebook and Twitter were just starting out.  WE KNOW WHAT WORKS.  We have proven strategies and social marketing plans that are up to date with the ever-changing world of social media.

We are here to partner with you to create and execute social marketing plans as a tool to meet your goals:  to grow the size of your audience, increase your interaction with that audience, and ultimately to monetize your audience to support the career or ministry behind the book.

We have 3 Social Marketing Options listed below that optimize your online and social footprint to promote your book and start reader relationships that lead to sales.

For a walk-through of each option below, please contact Katie Nguyen now at 949-459-3719.


$495/month/social channel + social ad budget*

Set-Up Social Pages, Content Creation and Social Ads

Where do we start?  We examine and review it all:  everything you have currently set up on your profiles including description, web links, photo albums, and all the visuals such as banner photo, icon, and more. Then we report to you on recommended changes to make your pages more productive, engaging and better aligned with your brand and objectives.

Not set up yet, no problem. We’ll set you up from scratch saving you a ton of time in trying to learn the best practices for individual social communities.


  • Create and post 1 social post per day.
  • Set up and manage social ads to drive engagement and gain new social followers.
  • Platforms to choose from (choose 2): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

*Suggested social ad budget $300-500 to grow audience and engagement.

$800 one-time fee plus $495/month/social channel + social ad budget*

Includes all of the Get Me Started Package above plus the following…

 Engagement Coaching                                                                                    

  • We will strategize the best way for you to engage your audience to create sales.
  • Then we will coach you on how to execute the strategy.
  • Whether it’s live video streams, a webinar, Twitter or Instagram parties or Facebook groups or events, we will help you learn how to best engage your audience!
  • Includes a total of 3 hours of Engagement Coaching.

 Blogging and Newsletter Strategy Coaching                                                       

  • Need help figuring out content and a schedule for your blog?
  • Want to know how to use your blogs to promote your book?
  • We coach you through the process.
  • Includes a total of 2 hours Blog and Newsletter Coaching.

*Suggested social ad budget $300-500 to grow audience and engagement.

$1,495/month/social channel + social ad budget*

This is for the author who doesn’t want to have to learn it all. You just want Social Marketing handled.

This package is our full-service Engagement & Management option.  We will leverage your content to share it across Facebook groups, set up Live Streams, Twitter Parties and more!

Not set up yet, no problem! We’ll set you up from scratch saving you a ton of time in trying to learn the best practices for individual social communities.

*Suggested social ad budget $300-500 to grow audience and engagement.

DO IT FOR ME INCLUDES:                          

  • Set up your social pages or revise them for proper branding.
  • Create and Execute your customized social marketing plan.
  • Create and Post 1 social post per day per outlet that encompasses your branding, encourages relationship, and ties into key goals. Platforms to choose from (choose 2): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest.
  • Call People to Action with creative campaigns aligned to your target audience and goals, measuring and refining based on real time results.
  • Analyze and Optimize to schedule posts for times that will get the most views.
  • Set up and manage Social Ads to drive engagement and increase your social audience.
  • Manage Communication: replying back to people that comment and engaging people in conversations to draw them deeper into your brand.
  • Grow Your Audience with campaigns that call current fans to share and promote your page.
  • Monthly Meeting for results review will equip you to see how efforts are translating to your desired results and provide a block of time to strategize how to build on successes. New campaigns will also be brainstormed in this monthly strategy meeting.

To discuss your specific needs, please contact Katie Nguyen at 949-459-3719 now.



Additional options are available to boost your SEO through blogger posts, build a lead list through our Lead Generation program, set up a new blog, or create and send your weekly newsletter to ensure you are staying in touch with your audience.


Blogger Reviews/Giveaways
$300 one-time fee, plus shipping

10 Blogger reviews with social posts to increase SEO and gain new email leads through a premium giveaway (digital download or free product.)   Note: Cost of shipping books or and/or premium is additional.


Set-Up Your Site and Blog
$750/one-time fee

We will set up a site on and consult with you on how to update it and add blog posts. We will make it social and mobile friendly, and create a clear path for people to buy books.  This includes 2 one-hour coaching sessions to get you started on content creation for your blog.   Note:  includes a domain name.  If you want a domain you may upgrade it for an additional hosting fee.


Email Lead Generation
$500 setup plus social ad budget*

With Social becoming a pay to play marketing option, the best thing you can do is gather email addresses from social and use these leads to continuously market your book.  However, marketing is more than continual asks to buy your book.  You need to nurture your leads and create content that builds a trusting relationship.  Includes:  Setting up and manage social ads for your target audience to build your email lead list, designing a landing page for your giveaway offer, setting up an email list, and writing 2 automated emails to welcome people to your list and promote your book.  *Suggested social budget $300-1000 plus a premium giveaway (download or free product.)


Email newsletter creation and scheduling 2/month

Included:  The creation of 2 emails per month to be sent to your email list that nurtures their interest, builds relationship and promotes your offerings/books.

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