Short Form Video, Instagram, TikTok, Reels, Youtube Shorts, Pinterest Video Content

If you want to grow your Christian audience, publishing short-form video content is essential. Short-form videos have become one of the best ways to reach and engage new audiences on social media platforms

Short-form videos include Instagram reels, TikTok videos, Facebook reels, Pinterest video pins, and YouTube   “shorts.” These quick yet effective videos are an excellent way to quickly get your brand in front of new people. If you haven’t hopped on this trend, now is the time! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of short-form video content and best practices to implement today.

What is Short-Form Video Content?

Most people consider any video under 60 seconds to be a short-form video. However, longer short-form video is becoming more popular as this content evolves. Short-form videos are usually consumed on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Unlike traditional television programming and long-form video content, like YouTube  –designed to be watched linearly–short-form videos are often presented out of context and can be viewed in any order. This gives viewers the freedom to only watch the videos that interest them and consume content on their own terms.

Short-form video content has recently become increasingly popular, especially among younger audiences. As the demand for this type of content grows, so does the need for new and innovative ways to create it.

What’s the Difference Between Short-Form and Long-Form Video Content?

While most short-form video content ranges between 30-90 seconds, anything under 10 minutes is considered “short.” Long-form video content, on the other hand, is usually considered to be anything over 10 minutes. This content is most commonly found on YouTube and business sites, like a website homepage video describing your ministry or organization. 

Of course, there is a lot of room for variation within these definitions. Some short-form videos may be as short as 7 seconds, while some long-form videos may be an hour or more. TikTok recently expanded the maximum video length to 10 minutes, up from the previous length limit of three.

The most important thing to remember is that the length of a video should be dictated by its content, not by any arbitrary guidelines. As social media outlets adjust to the ever-changing user demand, the lengths currently defined may change. Ultimately, you get to decide the length of your videos, so long as they fit within the constraints of the social platform you publish them on.

Short-form videos are generally more suited to quick, snackable content such as news clips or funny videos and require less time to edit and upload. Longer videos tend to work well for educational content or in-depth interviews and may take more time to edit and upload. 

Ultimately, the best way to determine what type of video content will work best for your audience is to experiment and see what resonates with them. If you see more engagement with your 30-second videos than you do with your 30-minute videos, by all means, give the people what they want. You may find that your audience likes them both! 

Why Post Short-From Videos?

The online world is saturated, and finding new ways to reach the Chrisitan audience and promote your ministry or organization can be challenging. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends–right now, the trend is short-form video. Reels, TikToks, and other short-form videos provide unique opportunities to show off your products, services, or brand in an engaging way and reach a wider audience than ever before.

Short-form videos…

  • Build brand awareness
  • Create an emotional connection with potential customers and donors 
  • Provide opportunities to interact with potential target audiences on a personal level
  • Are an inexpensive way to reach your target market
  • Enable you to track engagement and measure results
  • Don’t require a lot of time or effort

In other words, they’re the perfect way to reach potential customers and convert them into followers. 

7 Short-Form Video Best Practices

Have we convinced you to start creating Instagram reels or TikToks to reach the Christian audience in a new way? If so, follow these best practices to get the most out of your video content.

DO publish at least one short-form video a week.

Short-form video is the best way to reach a broad audience right now. So, it’s important to make it a consistent part of your marketing strategy. Start by posting one short-form video a week. If you see traction and growth, bump it up to two or more!

DON’T spend hours polishing the video to perfection.

One of the best things about reels, TikToks, and other short-form videos is that perfect isn’t key. These videos aim to engage viewers quickly and should prioritize interesting content over high-quality production. 

DO use trending sounds and songs in your videos.

If you scroll TikTok or Instagram for even a short time, you’ll see tons of videos using the same sounds and songs and their related hashtags. Using trending audio will help even more people see your content quickly. But trends don’t last long, so make sure to jump on them when they’re hot. If you opt to use original audio, make sure it is high-quality and doesn’t echo, as this is a big turn-off to viewers.

DON’T create brand new content every time (repurpose videos from Facebook, YouTube, or your podcast).

If you already create long-form videos on YouTube or have a podcast, you can use clips from those videos to create short-form videos. Original content does well on Instagram, saving you time by not having to create brand new videos.

DO record your videos with good lighting (it makes all the difference).

While your short-form videos don’t need to be perfect, good lighting can make all the difference. Because people typically come across your short-form video by chance, you want to capture their attention quickly. A brightly-lit video can do that. 

DON’T forget to write an engaging caption with a CTA.

The caption your write for your short-form video is also very important. Make sure to write something relevant to the video and include a call to action for people to further engage with your brand. 

DO start the video with an engaging hook to keep people interested.

Again, because people are coming across your short-form video by chance, the first 2-3 seconds are the most important. Say something interesting or ask a question immediately to hook people into watching the rest of your video. 

Develop an Effective Social Media Strategy with FrontGate 

We’ve explored the ins and outs of short-form videos. Most importantly, we explored how they can help you grow your Christian audience. You don’t have to be great at creating short-form videos to get started. However, you do have to get started to see great results. If you’re not sure where to start and need help developing a social media strategy, including short-form videos, you’re in the right place! Reach out to us today to learn more about our content marketing services.