Christian Festival

Imagine this…

60,000 people are gathered in front of the mainstage at Creation East. It’s 7 pm. They’ve just finished eating dinner from one of the many food vendors on site. It’s been a full day, a FUN day, that started with the worship service in the morning, followed by a round of sumo wrestling…

The crowd has been catching bands all day long at various stages with multiple trips to the exhibit tent to cool off, get signatures on band shirts, hang with their favorite cause and to connect with other fans, all leading up to the big show at main stage.

The moon is rising! The band on stage just finished. The 28’ Screen at the front lights up! The gazillion watt sound system starts to blare and all heads turn to… YOUR MESSAGE.

It’s not imagination. This is reality. I’ve seen it happen every year.

Large, targeted, captive Christian audiences gathered together to see, hear, touch and even taste your message!  Christian Cornerstone FestivalEvents including festivals and tours are one of the most effective ways to secure new customers and supporters.

I am available to meet with your team next week at NRB or by afterwards by phone to show you How To Make Events Work for You. I’ve taught this seminar at the Christian Leadership Alliance and at the Christian Musician Summits across the U.S.

The seminar centers in on how to be successful while promoting yourself and your business or non-profit at someone else’s event. Free with any festival or tour sponsorship, I would be happy to do a private seminar for you and your team. Contact me.

Having spent last week updating all of the media kits for the festivals, the Biola Media Conference, Jeremy Camp’s tour with Francesca Battistelli and the MOVE Tour (our newest not-yet-announced FrontGate family member!), creating strategies for companies and non-profits to roll out at these events is hot on my mind. 

We can do just about anything we can think up together based on your budget.  You can be there on site at the event, but you don’t have to be.   A coordinated strategy can involve Jumbotron commercials or billboards, promotional items or literature, stage announcements, event program ads, on site promotions or contests, direct email, email newsletter features, web banners, and more. One year, we sent a publisher’s staffers in with SuperSoaker backpacks creating a scene all over the event site and tattooing the willing festival attendees.

Major campaign sponsorships have already being booked at every location. 

Cornerstone Festival – with 3 major stages this year, and a new Golf Cart sponsorship, Cornerstone returns to its roots this year as THE home to all things beyond Christian pop: in music, the arts, seminary classes and more.

Biola Media Conference – the largest national conference for professionals of faith working in film, television and digital media. Reach these professionals for film/tv, licensing, distribution and more.

Jeremy Camp/Francesca Battistelli Tour – GMA Dove Award winning male and female vocalist of the year on tour in support of Jeremy’s worship album, We Cry Out. Christian families coming out for these top Christian artists, along with worship leaders and worship fans.

Creation Festivals NE & NW – the biggest festival brand in the U.S. Where else can you reach 85,000 people daily?

Spirit West Coast Monterey & Del Mar – the premiere festival events on the West Coast, these are the largest Christian audiences available in the Western U.S., and some of the largest nationally overall.

MOVE Tour – I’m so excited about this tour that I’m going to devote a whole blog to it later…