How to create a digital download for a lead magnet

Are you wondering how to create a lead magnet that will get your target audience to take action? You’re in the right place. Keep reading as we walk you through the steps to create an effective digital download that resonates with your audience and prompts them to engage further with your brand. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, these insights will help you craft a lead magnet that converts the Faith and Family audience. 

What is a Lead Magnet in Marketing?

A lead magnet in marketing is a valuable resource that businesses or charities offer to potential customers or donors in exchange for their contact information, usually an email address. This resource is free and designed to provide immediate value, helping to build trust and establish the organization as an authority in their field. The ultimate goal of a lead magnet is to convert your advertising target audiences or website visitors into leads that can then be nurtured into customers or donors.

Types of resources that work well as lead magnets include:

  • Ebooks or guides
  • White papers or case studies
  • Free trials or demos
  • Webinars or video training
  • Checklists or cheat sheets
  • Templates or toolkits
  • Surveys or quizzes
  • Discount codes or coupons
  • Exclusive content or early access to new products

At FrontGate Media, we’ve found tremendous success in using a digital download PDF resource as a lead magnet for Christian businesses and nonprofit organizations. 

How to Create a Digital Download as a Lead Magnet

A simple yet powerful lead magnet is a digital download — a PDF resource packed with helpful information for your target audience. Here’s an example of a digital download we created as a lead magnet for one of our Christian marketing clients. 

Follow the steps below for how to create a digital download to develop a similar lead magnet for your faith-based organization. 

Step 1: Choose Your Topic

The first step in creating a digital download as a lead magnet is to choose a topic that will resonate with your audience. The topic should be relevant to your brand and offer valuable insights or solutions to your audience’s problems. Remember, this is the first impression you’re making on a potential new lead, so providing something of value from the start is crucial. This digital download can be as short as two or three pages, including images, but make sure every page contributes something meaningful.

For example, if you’re a digital marketing agency, you might create a lead magnet titled “5 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Social Media Presence.” This topic directly addresses a common challenge for your target audience and promises valuable strategies, making it enticing for them to download.

Pro Tip: Consider what content your audience has loved in the past to choose a topic for your lead magnet. Did a specific social media post get a lot of engagement? Did one of your marketing emails receive a high open rate or click-through rate? Consider turning the topic of your most-loved content into a lead magnet to engage new customers or clients. 

Step 2: Make It Visually Appealing

When it comes to lead magnet design, a visually appealing digital download captures your attention and makes your content easier to digest. Use compelling images, infographics, and design elements that align with your brand aesthetic. The design should enhance the reader’s understanding of the content and make the overall reading experience enjoyable.

Consider the example of boosting social media presence. You could incorporate screenshots of successful social media posts, include infographics outlining the steps of each strategy, and use bold, eye-catching colors that align with your brand. This visual approach will make your guide more engaging and memorable.

Pro Tip: Some of our favorite sites for free, high-quality stock photos include Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixbay. Try Canva for free to create infographics and other digital design elements. 

Step 3: Use Consistent Language

Consistency in language and messaging is key to building trust and maintaining brand identity. If you’ve used an ad to generate interest in your digital download, ensure the wording in your download matches the ad. This consistency reassures the lead that they are in the right place and reinforces your brand messaging.

Let’s say your ad promised “proven strategies to skyrocket your social media success.” The introduction to your digital download could then begin with, “Welcome to your guide to proven strategies that will skyrocket your social media success.” This consistent language helps to reaffirm the lead’s decision to download your content.

Pro Tip: One of the best ways to write content that drives action is to write as if speaking to one person. This makes the reader feel like you genuinely know and care about them, which is essential for building trust. 

Step 4: Write the Content

When writing the content for your digital download, ensure it delivers on the promises made in your topic and advertising. Make sure to include actionable steps or insights that the reader can apply. At the end of your content, guide your audience on what they should do next. This could be inviting them to read a relevant blog post, subscribe to your newsletter, or check out your services.

For instance, after outlining the five strategies in your social media guide, you could end with, “If you found these strategies helpful, you’ll love our detailed blog post on creating engaging social media content. Click here to read it.” This gives your audience a clear next step and encourages further engagement with your brand.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to get too fancy with it. You can write your resource content in a Word doc, add photos, and save it as a PDF. If you want it to be more visually appealing, consider using Canva for free to add text and digital elements in a more responsive app. 

Step 5: Create a Workflow

The final step is to decide how your leads will receive their digital download. This could be done through an automatic email sent upon opting in or by providing instant access to the download on your website. The process should be seamless and user-friendly to provide a positive experience for your new leads.

For example, after your advertising or website has driven the lead to your desired landing page, the lead fills out a form to download your social media guide. They could be directed to a thank you page with a download button for immediate access. At the same time, an automated email containing the download link could be sent to their inbox for future reference. This ensures they have multiple ways to access your content and numerous touch points from you!

Pro Tip: MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools that allows you to create automatic workflows. Once you create your digital download, you can develop a workflow that automatically tags new users and sends them the resource on demand.

Need Help Creating a Digital Download as a Lead Magnet for Your Christian Brand?

At FrontGate Media, we specialize in helping Christian brands like yours create compelling digital downloads that serve as effective lead magnets. Leveraging our deep understanding of the faith-based market and innovative marketing strategies, we craft resources that resonate with your audience and align with your brand values. 

Whether you need an engaging eBook, an insightful guide, or a powerful webinar, our team is ready to deliver results that attract leads and nurture them into loyal customers. We’ll help you with lead magnet design and marketing — creating an ad that promotes your free resource and an automatic email campaign that gets it in the hands of your audience immediately. 

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