New Book “Healed, Healthy & Whole” Offers Hope From A Personal Journey: Physically, Emotionally And Spiritually With Integrative Therapies, NonToxic Treatments, And Spiritual Insights

(Los Angeles. CA) -June 25, 2014 – Marion M. Pyle, and her husband Russell, were a fast-paced California couple immersed in individual creative careers and pursuit of their happy marriage when a deadly diagnosis of cancer shattered their world.

In her newly released book, Healed, Healthy & Whole, (How We Beat Cancer With IntegrativeHHW Book Cover Therapies & Essential Healing Strategies), Pyle has produced more than a telling of the dramatic story of their remarkable, sometimes frightening, year-long journey towards her husband’s complete remission. She unpacks proven resources for readers to choose to implement as weapons in their own battle plan with cancer-integrative therapies, nutrition, and non-toxic, non-invasive treatments. Also highlighted are the importance of faith and healing prayer as sources of guidance and strength on the road to wellness.

The author uses her award-winning professional expertise in communications to present a book rich in holistic strategies-physical, medical, nutritional, spiritual, emotional, and relational — all presented in a page-turning, relatable format. Readers will find hope and help as they face the terror, confusion, depression, and despair that often accompany the diagnosis of “cancer” -a diagnosis that currently claims the lives of more than 1,500 Americans each day.

Of particular value to readers is Pyle’s research on the benefits of alternative therapies which the couple deeply explored before their decision to “go for it” in Russell’s personal regime. She offers orientation about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Vitamin C Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy and Class IV Laser Therapy, among others, as proven complements to conventional medicine. In addition, she presents clear recommendations about diet, exercise and spiritual disciplines.

In her desire to build up and equip those diagnosed with cancer to help overcome the disease, a major focus of Pyle’s book is on the “how to” of dealing with issues such as talking to doctors, becoming one’s own health advocate, managing grief, loss of control, and finding daily courage and inspiration from the Scriptures, prayer and faith.

The Pyles were deeply dedicated Christians at the time they faced this battle, and became surrounded by a community of friends and prayer warriors that grew to spread across the globe during Russell’s treatment regime. Marion notes, “The book was born out a profound sense of thanksgiving to God for bringing us through this, and also our desire to help others. The treatments and strategies we followed were the result of prayerful research, education in the trenches, and consultations with many medical and alternative therapy professionals. The book is an offering to all who are searching – with the hope that its guidance, encouragement and resources will result in many, many more being able to declare ‘I am healed, healthy, and whole.’”


Marion M. Pyle is a media and communications professional who has lived and worked in the U.S., Australia and Latin America. She has won multiple awards as a scriptwriter, producer, director and television host. She is also a noted seminar leader and adjunct professor of public relations and public speaking. She makes her home near Los Angeles with her “healed, healthy and whole” husband, Russell, an accomplished editor, producer, art director, and set and lighting designer.


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