I just discovered via a phone chat with a prospective client that our office location never made the move on Google Places, formerly Google Maps, when we moved our business a while back.  So now I see that in one case my business isn’t listed on Google Maps. Why not? For our other business in the same office, the information listed on Google Maps is wrong. How do I fix it?

I was surprised to discover that it’s pretty easy to fix this!

All you have to do is to go  to the Google Local Business Center and register your business. Verification is required. Use the telephone verification method, if it is available. Google will show you a PIN on the PC, then they’ll call your phone number, and you will enter the PIN.  This is by far the easiest method and even better, it’s free. You do not have to buy Google Ads.

For a new business, you have to submit the information.  Within two weeks, they will send a postcard containing your unique personal identification number and activation instructions to the business address you submitted. You must  follow the instructions in the letter to validate your information and prevent unauthorized edits to your listing.

It seems to be just that simple to have your business pinned in Google Places!