We switched from Tweetdeck to Hootsuite Pro for our team to handle social media postings.  Tweetdeck is excellent and I still highly recommend it for any individual person who needs a great free solution to manage their social media across all the key outlets. Tweetdeck won’t work if you need more than one person in your process. We switched to Hootsuite Pro because we needed to have our team all in one system. Having been a longtime Tweetdeck user, I have preferred it over the free version of Hootsuite.  The cost for Hootsuite Pro is very reasonable, though their mobile app for Android is a bit weak and doesn’t allow me to post to as many outlets as my combination of Ping.fm and Seesmic did previously on my Blackberry. I also do miss Tweetdeck’s ability to handle Twitter posts longer than 140 characters through their Deck.ly partnership.  Still, the move to Hootsuite has been good, and we needed it for our expanded social media team to work together.

I found that my posts to LinkedIn were “randomly” not making it through.  Having been trained by Twitter to think that means there has been another site outage, I lived with it for a bit. Then I realized that I was logged directly into LinkedIn AND still saw posts not make it from Hootsuite to LinkedIn.

After some research, it turns out there is a glitch in Hootsuite for LinkedIn.  You can’t post anything that has a “&” symbol in it!  That’s a pretty major problem when feeding your Twitter posts to LinkedIn because every & saves you 2 characters toward your 140 limit! Other symbols may be affected as well, but so far I’ve only seen this happen with the “&” symbol.  I tested this with the very commonly used “#” symbol, and that seems to have posted just fine. I contacted Hootsuite for a comment or update on the problem, and will let you know what I hear, if they fess up to it.

If you’re a current Hootsuite user, have you run into any other characters that glitch like this?

For other users, what are you using to manage your social media via your computer and your phone?