Source: Chartr Newsletter: Nov.03, 2023


The homeschooling audience has always been popular with Christian marketers, and recent years have seen massive growth in the overall size of this audience.  Reasons for this popularity include:

  • Alignment with Religious Values: Many Christian families choose homeschooling as it allows them to integrate their faith and religious values into their children’s education. They can incorporate religious texts, teachings, and values into the curriculum, ensuring that their children receive an education that aligns with their beliefs.
  • Control over Curriculum: Homeschooling provides Christian parents with greater control over what their children are learning. This control enables them to select or create educational materials that reflect their religious beliefs and moral values. Christian marketers offer resources and materials that cater to this specific need.
  • Avoiding Secular Influences: Some Christian families are concerned about the secular influences present in public schools, including aspects of sex education, evolution, or other topics that may conflict with their beliefs. Homeschooling allows them to shield their children from these influences.
  • Flexibility: Homeschooling offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing parents to integrate religious activities, such as Bible study or church-related events, into their daily routines.
  • Community and Support: Christian homeschooling communities and support networks have formed, providing resources, guidance, and a sense of community for families. Christian marketers play a role in providing materials, curricula, and resources to support this network.
  • Integration of Faith and Learning: Christian homeschooling materials often emphasize the integration of faith with academic subjects, helping children see how their beliefs relate to various areas of knowledge.
  • Cultural and Social Concerns: Some Christian families are concerned about the secularization of public education and seek to provide an alternative that promotes their values.

A recent article in Chartr highlights the remarkable growth trend of homeschooling in the United States, positioning it as the fastest-growing form of education. This shift gained substantial momentum during the 2020-21 academic year due to the prevalence of learning from home (LFH) mandates during the Pandemic. The growth in number of students being educated at home has continued to surge by an impressive 51% in the  2022-2023 academic year.

One prominent reason behind this shift is the empowerment of parents who are taking control of their children’s education, offering a personalized and adaptable approach that suits their family’s needs. Homeschooling allows for tailored curricula, enhanced family bonding, and flexibility. It’s a testament to the increasing confidence and engagement of parents in shaping their children’s educational journeys.

The article also highlights the broader societal trend of declining trust in the public education system. This shift in educational preferences can be seen as a positive reflection of parents actively seeking alternative educational options, demonstrating their commitment to providing the best possible education for their children.

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